Face Down

He covered me back up as he got out of bed.  “Stay warm, love, I’ll be back soon,” he told me.  So I rolled onto my stomach, got comfortable, and turned to watch him get dressed.

He looked over at me and grinned.  “You look so cute” he commented.  And I laid there smiling and comfortable in his bed.

He walked to his dresser and opened a drawer.  He chuckled to himself, then turned to me.  “I have a better idea,” he announced before he drew out the handcuffs.

I lifted me hands above my head so he could put them on me.  “Nope, put them behind your back,” he commanded.  I put my hands behind my back, and I felt him putting the cuffs onto my wrists.  All I could hear was the clicking of them closing and feel the metal onto my wrists.

In that position, my hair fell over my face leaving me blinded to his actions.  “Oh, I’m not done,” he commented.  And I felt the blindfold being fit over my eyes.  Then he pulled the covers over my body to keep me warm.

I could only hear him moving about the room.  Drawers opening and closing.  I could hear him moving room to room.  “I have an idea” he announced.  I heard noises, then felt the cool air of the room hit my body as he lifted the blanket from my body.  One hand touched my ass, spreading the cheeks and exposing my rosebud as he calls it, then I felt something push into my ass.  “That’s my good nasty girl” was his comment as I took that plug into my ass.  “God, I wish I could have a picture of this – you in my bed, bound, blindfolded with that plug in your ass.”

He grabbed the cuffs and pulled them away from my body – my arms going with them.


I squirmed and moaned and reacted loudly as I felt the studded paddle hit my ass in succession.  I wiggled and moaned, but quickly realized I was at his mercy.  A few more strokes of the paddle, then he made sure the plug was securely in my ass with an extra push, and covered me up.

I heard him moving about – then leave his house.

I could do nothing except lay there and listen to the sound of my breath.  I was bound and alone in the house of my Daddy – with my ass filled and red.  I could only focus on the fact I was stuck until he got back.

And as I laid there, I wondered what I would do if someone else came into the place.  I was helplessly bound.  I could not see my attacker if one came into the place. I could do very little to protect myself.  I was at anyone’s mercy.  I could only be fucked or used.  I could do very little bound there.

And boy did that thought make my pussy wet.

Make my cunt clamp hard onto itself.

And make my ass tighten around that plug.

I tried to just lay there.  I tried to not think the nasty thoughts that were riling me up.  And I tried not to count down the minutes until he returned.  And I tried hard not to rub myself against his bed trying to get off.

I heard the keys in the lock as he entered his place again.  “I’m home!” he announced.  I squirmed and wiggled with excitement for his return.  I could hear him going everywhere but the bedroom where I was.  I suspected he was delaying – making me hear him and wonder when he would come and release me.

“How’s my nasty little girl doing,” he asked.

“Good, Daddy.”

I heard him moving around the room.  He moved to get his keys from the other room, then I felt the cool air on my skin again as he uncovered me.  He released me from the cuffs, then removed the blindfold.

“I’ve decided you are going to go home with that plug in your ass.”

Then he helped me out of the bed, kissed me hard as he smacked my ass – and I moaned into his mouth.

He led me into the living room, telling me to sit.

I cautiously sat down into the chair, feeling the plug push further into my ass.  I knew he was watching me when he chuckled at my response.

He made sure I ate breakfast as we talked about other things.  I could feel my wetness pooling onto the chair under me as we talked.  Then finally we discovered it was time for me to leave.  He helped me stand – grinning as he saw the reaction to the shift of the plug in my ass.  Then I carefully got dressed wishing I had worn underwear to keep the plug from sliding out of my ass – which was wet, very wet.

He walked me to my car, then watched with a grin as I sat carefully in my seat.  “Good thing you have leather,” he called out as I got into the car.  I drove home feeling every speed bump – every pot hole and every dip in the road.

Then when I got into the house, showed G why I was walking funny before going in and removing the plug.  I cleaned it off before putting it on the shelf next to my bed.  Just like he had suggested.

You know it’s love when Daddy gives you a butt plug.
Or so I’m told.

I know its love when I find bruises on my wrists from the cuffs – and feel the ass fuck I got earlier.

Yeah, that is love.

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  1. Hubman says:

    So it’s still not clear to me, do you like something in your ass? 😉

  2. JFBreak says:

    I am so turned on by the idea of you just walking in and casually showing G the fact that another man has placed a butt plug in your ass (much less the sex and such). I’m surprised he doesn’t just want to take you on the spot!

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