The Perfect Start

Part of me feels like I should do a 2012 recap or something.

But I’m done with 2012.

I’m ready to move on.

While the year improved as we got closer to the end, I was ready for it to end.  There were positives – get me wrong.  But 2012 seemed to be a year of re-examination of myself.  A re-examination of the person I have become – a person seemingly trained by those around me.  And like any self critical person, it pissed me off what I learned.  Not a bad turn since I went from sadness to pissed off.  A good change of events.

But overall, life is good.  G and I are strong.  Work is there and challenging.  The kids are doing great.    My mom is doing 100% better than she was.  Life was not bad.

The other crap with perspective added were just pebbles and rocks in the road.  Some I could kick out of the way. Some I tripped over and caught myself.  Others I tripped over and fell flat on my face.

I spent the end of 2012 with a group of friends from the bdsm community.  It’s funny how many of them are friends.  The host and hostess are two fabulous people.  The host has given me words of encouragement and friendship over the past year.  As I was thanking him and saying good-bye last night, he said “you’re my friend – I wanted you here – thank you for being here.”

And I ended the year with a particularly sadistic bastard – SB will be his name, I think.  He dragged me into a room with a spanking bench, lifted up my dress, pushed me over the bench and proceeded to warm my ass and thighs up to a nice warm red.  And between the spanking of my ass, he pinched my thighs causing me to giggle.  He dragged his fingers nails across my back.  Across his hand marks on my ass.  He unhooked my bra so he could get to my breasts, my nipples – and tormented them in turn.  Each thing he did, turned me on – and I felt myself getting wetter and wetter.  A discovery he made too as he spanked my pussy.

After our impromptu scene of hands and teeth and nails, we socialized a bit. We talked about wine as we tried the bottles we both brought to the party.  We watched the scenes.  We laughed.  We hugged.  We kissed….ah, yes, we kissed.

Then we rang in the new year.  We toasted 2013 with our friends – shared kisses and hugs.  And enjoyed the friendships.

We came back to my house – an empty house.  We talked as we knew we needed to before taking the next step – more of a technicality than a necessity, I think.  We both knew where we wanted this to go – and it was the bedroom.

The details of the rest of the evening are good.  I won’t lie.  But I’m not apt to share them yet.  Privately, we made sure that 2013 started off well.  Pleasure and pain, cuddles and conversations – all while in a dreamy floaty, happy state.  Even when we were done, we weren’t done.  No sleep. Just savoring the moment – savoring the energy – savoring each other.  There was very little sleep overall. And when we awoke from the sleep we had, the touching and all started again.  SB and I definitely have things in common.

The new year started with an act of selflessness by G for making it possible for us to have the house alone.  The new year started with friendship.  The new year started with a new step in an evolving relationship.  The new year started with new marks.  The new year started with a clean slate and great possibilities.  And trouble….sigh….yeah, big, sweet, delightful trouble.

What do you think?

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