by Ed Muir

We curled up in bed together – after an evening of great wine, great conversation, and amazing play.  A private date of just SB and me.  We had attended a dungeon party the night before, and this was the perfect follow-up evening for us.

And as we got all situated under the covers, we wrapped out bodies and limbs around each other.  Laying there, intertwined, we talked a bit, kissed some more, and just let the energy we had stirred up flow between us as we tried to find sleep.

Intertwined.  It was how we slept.  All night, it was a subconscious dance between us as we untangled then rewove ourselves around each other.  Then our breathing would find its rhythm again.

In the morning, we awoke slowly, still tangled in each others’ limbs.  We laid there touching each other, pulling each other closer if we could, and finding even more ways to become intertwined in each other’s bodies.  There were no words exchanged.  We simply looked at each other, a hint of smiles on our lips and a twinkle in our eyes.  We touched each other’s faces.  Our hands drifted over our bodies.  And we gave gentle kisses on lips, on necks, on foreheads.

As we awoke, we talked a bit more.  Our hands drifted to other parts of our bodies – as we partially untangled – but we never fully left the interwoven body work we had created.

We grudgingly got up when we had to do it.  Leaving our cocoon in his bed having to go out and face our day – a day that was half gone between our sleep and our waking up.

It’s funny how we were physically manifesting what I think we are both feeling.  How the various parts of our relationship are starting to get intertwined with each other.  How are the time we have together is becoming a mix of all other parts – rarely just a single strand by itself.

And even the more intertwined we seem to get, the more natural and right it feels.

What do you think?

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