I’m an Asshole

…..Or at least that’s what the guy called me yesterday when I grabbed my lunch from a food cart.  While Portland has a lot of homeless in downtown, I can definitely say he was not one of them.  Yet he was not part of the working group downtown either.  The facial tattoo kinda gave away that last park.  (I am in the financial district, if you will – surrounded by banks and financial agencies.)

I had just gotten my lunch and walked across the street.  He was there trying to impress a girl and made some comment about me giving him my lunch. My response was simply, “uhm, no.” And I kept walking.
He said a few other things, and I shook my head.  Then I hear….
“You asshole.”
I almost turned around and said, “well, bitch is usually the go-to word people use for me, but asshole works to. I don’t believe that only one has to be used on a woman.”  
But I paused.  I knew it would be like feeding a bear.  Given him encouragement and he’ll keep going.  Plus, there was a girl there too.  Showing off was clearly what he was going for.
Plus, if I’m an asshole for not giving my food away to someone who clearly didn’t need it, I’m okay with that.

btw: I do give food and money to people who need it at times.  I just learned a long time ago that those who are assholes about it likely don’t need it as much as those who seem unwilling to ask.  Live here for almost 18 years, and you start learning the difference.

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  1. What a jerk!! Seems like somebody never grew up past age 11, never got past being the bully who grabbed everyone’s lunch money.

  2. Ugh. I like to think karma handles things like that.

    Great song choice.

  3. Chapter Two says:

    Your heart tells you when it is right to give, you just have to listen.

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