Brain Dump

My brain is everywhere right now.  I have three posts started but they aren’t done – and I’m not ready to finish them.  So, I give you a brain dump of sorts…..

  • Neat site. I like the photos – big shock.
  • I keep having flashes from my weekend.  Feeling of cold handcuffs on my wrists.  Sipping wine as we tell stories to each other.  The feeling of his arms wrapping around my body as he slips into bed behind me.  The feeling of his teeth on my neck as I giggled like mad.  Sipping coffee as he makes sure I eat my breakfast.  Feeling the heat coming off of my ass after he lit it up.  The feeling of his tongue on my clit as his fist was in my cunt.  The sound of my moans as he squeezed my nipples – the feeling of his cock rise hard against my ass as he enjoys the sounds he is making me make.  
  • I want spring to come soon.  I have this urge to dig in dirt. This urge to plant seeds and get the garden going.  I want to chase chickens from the garden. I want to eat fresh raspberries off my canes.  I am ready.  Yeah, I know – it’s only January.  
  • I have a crapy rental car as my new car gets leather.  I learned two cars ago that kid + leather = easier cleanup than if the seats are cloth.  Oh, and klutzes in general. Maybe I’ll get my car back tomorrow. Maybe Friday. Who freaking knows.  All I know is the rental is not nearly the same as my car.
  • I found this site yesterday. Retronaut – a site of retro photos, ads, and other stuff.  Go check it out. I spent way too much time exploring it.
  • DJ and G are sick. Both are not doing or looking great.  Difference? DJ is staying home from school.  G is going in to teach.  Yeah, dumbass.  And yes, I tell him that.  Why? Because he shouldn’t be at school infecting people.
  • Noticed I have elbow burns from the weekend.  I’m a lucky girl.
  • I seem to have a crazy-magnet.  If there is a crazy person on the street, they seem to pester me.  Monday, a guy was standing in the middle of the sidewalk glaring at people as he held his umbrella like a club.  I made eye contact and started getting shit like *I* was the one causing the disruption.  Then the next day, a guy kept following me around.  Thankfully, there was a security guy who sort of chased him off.  WTF?!  And where is the switch to shut the magnet off?
  • I’ve decided that everyone on my project team is going to get a shock collar.  I swear they can’t do anything without my intervention.  I sat for an hour on a conference call basically making sure it happened.  Nothing else.  I would like to thank the inventor of the mute button.
  • Had to discuss this week what will happen to the kids if anything happened to G and me.  What an uplifting conversation!  I know it is needed.  Just sort of a weird conversation to have. I called my brother who was selected without hesitation.  And basically told him as he was getting ready for a catering gig.  If he had been sitting on a chair, I think he would have fallen off of it. I think the fact we told him our plans and it surprised him is making him realize how much confidence we have in him.  Good. He needs to see and feel what we see in him.  Funny how people who struggle the most – get a ton of support – also get the most surprised by it.
  •  <-- how can you not want one?!
  • The rabbit was tearing apart stuffed animals the other day.  I encouraged him. It’s the easiest way to get rid fo the stuffed animals.  It is funny to see him hopping around with an elephant ear in his mouth.
  • Drop sucks.  For those who aren’t familiar – drop is what happens after a really heavy scene or a great weekend.  The feelings and emotions run so high that when they drop suddenly to normal levels, they surpass normal and seem to drop to a bad level.  It’s a huge mood swing – simply put.  After two nights and a sleepover with SB, drop has been in my present.  It feels better now, but it was rough.  
  • Happy Hump Day!

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