My Early Present

Months ago, G told me I needed a new car.  My trusty Subaru outback was almost 12yrs old – 160,000 miles on it.  And while the engine was sounding just like it did when I bought it – minor things were starting to add up.  A broken moon roof.  A leaky hatch back.  A broken autodimming mirror.  Stupid little things were starting to break.

I blew him off.  Hey, it’s my way.  I mean, the moon roof – well, the sunroof still worked, so it wasn’t important. The mirror issue was stupid, and I knew I could fix it myself if I took the time.  And the leaky hatchback was not leaky if parked flat and not in the driveway.

I bought this car when I was pregnant with Indigo.  This car took us to and from Iowa three times, I think.  It took us to and from San Diego a couple times.  We safely got through numerous mountain passes in the snow and ice on our way to visit family.  It was a great car.  I had planned on seeing how close to 200,000 miles I could get.

Last week, G told me he was buying me a new car for Christmas.  He had already narrowed down the choices. He was going to test drive the last two – he explained why the one I had said I wanted was not an option.  His other two choices were good choices.

He chose the one he knew I’d like – and was working with the broker to find the exact one.  Then I derailed it.  It wasn’t quite what I was hoping for.  So, we went out to a dealer on Friday afternoon to test drive the car that was almost the one I wanted.  The almost was something we could resolve after market.

I fell in love with it.  And drove it home.

Good-bye to the trusty outback – the mom-mobile – the greatest getaway car ever (because everyone in Portland has one in that color).

And hello my new Subaru WRX.  I’m in love with it.  It is so weird having a car that is not a family car but a performance car.  I cannot help driving it without a huge grin on my face.  DJ told me today that she is in love with the car. “It goes fast” was her comment.

Yes, yes it does.  I cannot wait to drive it down to see my parents.  All wheel drive – a great engine – compact body – yeah, I will be grinning like a crazy person.

As G told me, he knew I would never do this on my own.  He knew that I may talk about it – but until there was a huge issue with the outback, I would not have replaced it.  He knows me so well.

And I know have a 265 hp WRX.

I should just have an account created for my speeding ticket.  Hell, the sales guy who helped us even called to ask if I got a ticket yet.  Guess I made that clear.

Oh, and the funniest part of the whole transaction?

We go out to the car to pull out the stuff from the outback – only G’s toybag from the night before.  “So, what do you do for fun?” the guys ask as he is pulling it out of the back.

“Comics,” he replied.

I was glad I was turned away as I was laughing my ass off.  They clearly were curious about the bag – and what it contained – the paddle sticking out of the bag visible.  And his reply – comics.


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  1. OsShirt says:

    And yet, no picture of it with you behind the wheel…

  2. Hubman says:

    Your old Outback sounds a little like my 9 yr old/130k miles truck. I’m thinking 2 more years at most and then it’s gone.

    I’d say “enjoy your new wheels” but it’s already obvious that you are!

  3. I am glad you are enjoying your new car. I am loving my minivan! Its not speedy, but I do like the heated leather seats.

  4. Who wouldn’t drive the Subaru WRX without a grin on his face? With its speed and great features, such as the all-weather package with heated front seats, heated exterior mirrors, and windshield wiper de-icer, it’s THE best choice if you want an all-around car. The cool thing about this is that it has a tech navigation system that is integrated with Bluetooth wireless hands-free calling, so you can take or make a call even without picking up a phone!

    Sebastian Gaydos

  5. G was very thoughtful! I’m glad he was there to notice that you’ve been putting up with your Subaru for too long now. It would always be a special car, but you really need a new one. Well, in some ways, it wasn’t really a total change. You’re still a Subaru rider. You’ll definitely have that certain familiarity over it. 😉 Congrats! –>Tyra Shortino

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