Motivational Monday

Focus on the positive.  The energy flows where your attentions go.  If you want to feed the problems, talk about them. If you want to feed your joys, then talk about them.  Pick the latter.
I recently talked to a friend about this idea – that chance is what gets people successes in the world.  That idea that chance is what drives success – that gives people what they want.  It isn’t. It’s change. It’s action. It’s making it happen.  
Feel like this one is always a good reminder. 

Don’t let that stop you.  Caring and love is a gift you give.  You don’t give it with conditions. You do it because you care.  Don’t fear not getting it back because if you give -you will get.  May not be from whom you expect, but you will get it.

What do you think?

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