Loss of Words

Our messages passed through the ether.  Both of us feeling like we needed to write to the other at the same time.  The last time I had this happen – it was with someone who I still have an amazing connection with.  It has been a long time since that has happened.  Where I feel like I can write him a note – express feelings I have – and not wonder if it will be too much.

Lord, it’s been too long since I’ve felt this way.

Like I told him during our exchange, I am not sure how much I’ll write about him on the blog.  My mind if full of feelings and not words expressing them.  I am too busy savoring our moments – remembering his touch – his smile when he touches me – my draw to him even when we are across the room from each other – the way the background drifts away as we are talking or playing or touching.  Funny how a crowded room goes quiet when you are with someone who captures your attention.

When I do talk about him, I’m still trying to figure out what to call him on the blog.  He has declined the opportunity to name himself.  I will be noodling on this one some more as nothing has jumped out at me.  He may get my default name at this point – Fred. But we shall see.

I can’t wait until after the holidays – to have time to explore. See where this crazy things takes us.  The holiday has been difficult as the family obligations and the like have kept us from seeing each other.

I look forward to it.

Because like our messages are an example of, we seem to have a connection.  A connection that I cannot ignore.  And I don’t plan on ignoring it – but exploring it.

Just that thought makes me smile.

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  1. Chapter Two says:

    I hope time passes quickly. As much as I love having my kids and family around during break it does get stifling

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