Friday Flitterings

Or what happens when Emmy decides to use alliterations.

First off, go read this.

Why?  Because I agree with it. Some of my most special and meaningful relationships are friendships.  Some of my shallow involve sex.  “Just friends” is a phrase I hate. It means that friendship is less than it should be.  When in actuality, friendship is quite meaningful.  Read it.  Believe it. Change the “just friends” to “wow – friends”.

I have a date tonight.

While some may think “well, you have a playmate, what’s the big deal?”, I must retort with this is someone I connect with on so many levels that to have a date makes me grin like a fool.  It makes me feel him.  It makes me happy.  It makes me giddy.  I’m just – uhm, wow.  It is exactly what I need before I go see my family.  He is such a positive in my life that words cannot describe it.

All I can say is that I’m incredibly happy.

A friend commented to me recently that perverts in our kink community have lost common courtesy.  That we often use the fact we are perverts to excuse bad behavior.  Like being perverted means we don’t have to follow common courtesy rules and common rules of humans in general.  If we offend someone with a slip of the tongue, our excuse is “were perverts, so what’s the big deal” instead of “I’m sorry – you didn’t need to know that.”  I thought it was an interesting comment.  Kinky as an excuse for behavior.  WTF?!?

Being a pervert is not an excuse! I didn’t consent to the bad behavior.  Why is it acceptable or should be blown off?

Invoices are going to be the bane of my existence at work.  Why do they make them so difficult?

DJ has out texted both G and me …….in three days.  Day 1 she had more texts than he and I had in 24 days.  Yeah…..unlimited plan is going to be our saving grace.  I’m just surprised at how quickly she has done it.

The upside?  She knows to bring us her phone before bed.  No internet or texting for her past a certain time.

There was a one time HNT yesterday …..and I forgot.  Crap!  Oh well. My idea wasn’t that great anyway, I guess. Go find out who did it and give them some love.

This weekend, I’m off to see family.  The flask will come with me.

Happy Friday!

What do you think?

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