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Great Wolf Lodge is like a giant, over-family-friendly resort.  Kids and parents are running all over the place playing games.  They do games in the lobby.  They have drawing stations everywhere.  They have a spa for kids.  Oh yeah, and the gigantic water park.

For someone like me who struggles with malls and other loud busy places, it was hell.  I enjoyed the wave pools.  Until I got kicked in the ovaries by a kids who shouldn’t have been in there unsupervised. I tossed him back to the shallow end a couple times by his life vest when the waves got too crazy.  Why didn’t I do the water slides?  They are giant sets of stairs that you get to stand and wait on while in line.  Yeah, afraid-of-heights girl here.  No fucking way.

But, the kids had fun. G bought me beer when he could tell I was about ready to kill someone.  And yesterday, I got a wonderful hour long pedicure in an area that was totally kid free.  It was great.

Oh, the Groupon that G found – it gave us a wonderful suite – king sized bed, two queen beds and a sitting area.  We went and got food to bring back.   Next time we do this, we make sure we bring rope because the bed screamed rope bondage.

The trip up and back was great though.  We started listening to Jenny Lawson’s book – Let’s Pretend This Never Happened – on the drive to central Oregon at Thanksgiving.  The kids were begging for us to listen some more.  The fact we were at the part where she talked about HR secrets – and how she got good at asking “is this your penis?” Why? Read the book. I won’t give it away.

All I can say is laughing to the point of tears while driving 80mph is probably a bad idea.

The upside of having a husband who is a teacher in a rural school?  He knows a good Christmas tree farmer.  We have bought a tree at this family farm for the last probably 5 years.  Last year, we revealed the fact we were not a huge fan of his overly trimmed trees – usually finding something that was missed.  This year?  He took us to his “private area”.  We walked through mud, a secret passage in the fence, and down a hill where we found “trees gone wild”  We picked one.  G chopped it down.  And the girls carried it back to the area for wrapping.  It was a hilarious process.

We get it home, get it up, and get it decorated.  We discovered we did not have a single working set of lights anymore.  So, off to the store to buy new ones. Not to self: don’t wait so long as there are no options.  The tree looked great.

Fast forward three hours laters: sitting in the dark – only the tree lit – watching Dr Who when “CRASH!!” The tree falls over and ornaments shatter everywhere.  We confirmed there were no squirrels in the tree.  Then realized that it simply fell over.  We cleaned up the water and got the tree back up.  And found rope to tie it in place to prevent any chances of it happening again.  The tree is a mess yet.  We should fix the unbroken ornaments.  Maybe tomorrow the girls can do it.

Ann Curry, over the weekend, challenged her Twitter followers to honor the victims in Friday’s school shooting to do either 20 acts of kindness for the kids killed or 26 acts for all of the victims.  Since then, she has been retweeting what people have been doing.  It’s quite heart warming seeing people honor the fallen with acts of kindness.  One yesterday was that someone went into a Walmart and paid off 26 people’s lay-a-way items.  Some left food for police officers.  Some paid for the coffee order for the car behind them.  Some gave homeless youth $20 for coffee.  I love these ideas.  And challenge you to do something good in their memory. Don’t argue politics in their memory- honor your fellow man.

I attended the most fabulous holiday party on Sunday.  The local kink community held their annual fundraiser and holiday party.  Such a fabulously good time.  Spank-a-long carols were hilarious to watch.  They did a great job raising money for the charities.  And I got to spend some lovely time with the new-guy. (He needs a name – I leave it to him, since he reads, to give himself one.)  We were told to get a room once.  I was told by someone else that they would have talked to me more, but I seemed occupied.  And, in the end, he ended up getting a New Year’s Eve invite to the party I said I might attend.  Seems one of the hosts put two and two together and decided to get my “maybe” to be a “yes”. Have I mentioned how much he makes me smile?  The more I spend time with him – the more I want to spend time with him.  Yeah, I’m in trouble.  Happy sigh.

Saturday – at my aerial yoga class – the sadistic teacher actually told me I did a great job.  I was extremely excited by the compliment even if I couldn’t lift my arms later due to her workout.  It was nice to hear I was getting better – and she was noticing.

G and I have decided we are going to start signing up for running races again.  We both want to start running again and this will be our motivation.  Now to find my orthotics so I can start running again.

Happy Hump Day!!

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