What You Say Could Be Used Against You

A phrase I should have tattooed on the inside of my wrist.

“What you say could be used against you….”

And I’m not talking that gossip you said about your cohort….
…..or that blunt feedback you gave the boss.

No, I’m talking about honest conversation.  Sharing how your head works – how you look at the world.

What you say could cause people to use it against you – could cause them to draw conclusions (right or wrong but usually wrong) – could cause them to make decision based on these incorrect conclusions…..

….and could cause you to wonder “WTF am I doing wrong?”

Honesty.  Laying all of the cards on the table so that I am transparent.

All things that seem to continually be used against me.

Used to judge me unfairly.

Used to make assumptions about me and what would happen.

An old boss of mine used to say “smart people can’t help but climb that ladder of inference once they have part of the info.”  Smart people try to put it all together even when most of the pieces – critical pieces – are missing.  And this is where smart people fuck up with me.

I have no agenda.
I play no games.
I don’t fake it just to make it easier for people.

What you see is what you get. What I say and do is who I am.  I live my life above board with my cards on the table…..

….even though it seems to screw me more than it doesn’t.

It’s who I am.  It’s how I am.

Sucks ass that it keeps getting used against me.


What do you think?

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