He pulled me, by my hair,  away from his cock.  I had been mid-blow job, so his actions surprised me.

He dragged me up so my mouth met his mouth.  He kissed me hard, then slapped my face repeatedly – each blow harder than the last – all while his used my hair to hold me into place.

He slid his hand down to a nipple.  “Are you doing to cum for me like a good girl?” he spoke into my ear.  I went to nod, but he still held my head in place, so I replied “yes, Sir.”  “Good girl” was the words he spoke as he grabbed my nippled hard.  I could feel my cunt getting wetter, the feeling building, then I came – moaning loudly as I did.  It was only then that he released my nippled and pulled my head into his body – cuddling me as I came down.

“Good girl.” 

I felt his fingers at my cunt, spreading around the wetness before he pushed two inside.  His fingers immediately found my g-spot – and I realized this cuddle was more of a restraint so he could force me to cum again.  When he began to move his fingers, my suspicions were correct.

“Be a good girl, and squirt all over my fingers.” 

He knew how to work my cunt – he knew the places to hit while he worked his fingers – so gush I did.

He forced me to orgasm this way two more times – each time – commanding me to do it, then giving me “good girls’ for doing what I was told.

Two fingers became three during this process.  Then he shoved in four – pushing hard into me – forcing me to take what he had.

He didn’t need to speak the words. I knew what and where he was going – he clearly was going to see how far he could push into my cunt – seeing if I could take all that he had.  

I felt my body tighten at the intrusion- caught between wanting it and not wanting it.  I had to force myself to relax – then I felt his hand slide right into my pussy.  He stretched and flexed his fist firmly inside before sliding it out – then forcing me to have another orgasm – cumming all over his hand and the bed before he shoved his hand back inside.

This process was repeated several more times.  Each times – post orgasm, his hand slid a bit easier into my cunt.  For the first time all night, we were almost silent – only able to hear the people around us in the other rooms.  When we spoke about it afterward, we both commented how intense it was – the feeling of my boundaries being pushed, my cunt being stretched, and the act of it all happening spur of the moment.  

After the last forced orgasm, he rolled me over and shoved his cock hard into my ass.  The silence was broken as he took my ass hard and fast.  Almost as quickly as he started, he pulled out, pulled off the condom, and shoved his cock into my mouth.  He quickly came. I finished my job by licking and sucking him clean before I collapsed into his arms.

Regaining our breath and our ability to speak took a while – just the sounds of our ragged breath filled the room.  He gently lifted my face to his – and kissed me softly – a stark contrast to the evening so far.  “You are such a dirty slut – but a good slut” was his comment after the kisses.  Then he pulled me tight into him – and stroked my hair as I came down from my high.  

“My good lil’ slut,” he kept telling me over and over again.  

He decided at some point it was time to go.  “I have three single tails with your name on them,” he announced.  But quickly added on, “You need to go find us a cross.”

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  1. Hubman says:

    I love this post, I’ve read it several times and gotten aroused each and every time. I suspect you’ll be able to figure out why…

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