One Word Erotica

I like words.  There are certain words that, when said, just sound different than they do on paper.  They are fun to say.  They roll off the tongue in a way that makes you smile.  They don’t seem like the word is supposed to mean.

Periodically, I will IM one of these words to a friend.  Randomly.  Like “Botswana” or “Gazpacho” or “Guacamole”.  They are fun to say.  They roll off the tongue and tease the mouth in a pleasing way.

A particular friend of mine and I will start out with words – favorite words, if you will.  One at a time. And inevitably – since he is a kinky pervert and I am a kinky pervert – it becomes a one word, at a time, erotic story.  The word paint a picture that a sentence just doesn’t do.

For example:

me: threesome

Him: Looking

Him: Possessive

me: jackoff

Him: Tits

me: blowjob

Him: Choke

me: tears

Him: Smile

me: cum

Him: Dump

me: dump?

Him: Cum dump

me: ah

Him: Cockwhore

me: cumslut

Him: Good girl

me: nasty girl

Him: Daddys

me: sweet cunt

Him:: Punch

me: slap

Him: Deny

me: beg

Him: Deny

me: plead

Him: Deny

me: pout

Him: Take

me: fight

Him: Smile

me: struggle

Him: Anal

me: struggle

Him: Force

me: cry

Him: Smile

me: take

Him: Mine

me: whimper

For the record, he cried “uncle” after the whimper comment. 

I like this game.  I like how, he and I, can play off the words – and create an erotic scene, one word at a time.

Just goes to show you – less IS more.

I love this game.

What do you think?

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