Motivational Monday

It’s funny to me when I meet someone who believes if you are already down the path of wrong, you should just keep going . No! Turn around. Go back. Make a new choice.  Why perpetuate a wrong?  Like it’s going to turn into a right?
Our own thinking is the biggest obstacle to success.  We put our negative thinking into the universe, then wonder why it isn’t going our way.  Don’t be your own enemy. If you need an enemy, look outside of you – you’ll always find one. Find your power within because that is the only place it comes from. You.

I like this one. Simple.  I am the one who can improve things.  If I want improvement, I will find me within it. 
I loved this idea – looking at a step backwards as just being part of the dance – and not any other way.  Dance the cha-cha. Expect it.  Go with it.  And remember, after that step back in the dance, is a step forward.

What do you think?

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