Manifesting Positive

I’m a skeptic in a lot of areas of life except one:

Karma – you get what you give.

Taking this tantra class resonates with me because, in the end, that is the fundamental thing.  The energy you spend – on what you spend it on – is what you will get back.  Karma  – plain and simple.

Last class, people were sharing what they were noticing about their life.  The positive things that have started to manifest itself in their life.  One couple mentioned how their financial situation has turned around.  They were suddenly able to break even – and replace their two cars which were problematic.   Another commented about how a relationship which was rocky is suddenly smooth sailing.  Another noticed that some issues they have always grappled with in their life was suddenly coming to resolution so they could move on.

As I listened, I wondered – what positive is manifesting itself in my life?


…..I am in the position that I wanted vs the one everyone else wanted me in.

…..I am finding myself without a shortage of play partners suddenly.  That’s unexpected.

…..I am finding that situations that are usually stressful are simply going as one would hope.

and the one from yesterday…..

….I got two of the three submitted art pieces accepted into a juried show.

Holy shit!

One of the basic ideas of this class is simple – your energy flows where the attention goes.  If I focus on the positive, the energy flows that way and starves out the negative.  If you want something, you must think in positives only.  Saying “I don’t want this to happen” will make sure that happens.  The universe is tricky that way.  Think Loki – the trickster in Norse mythology.

Did I manifest something with all of the meditation, chakra cleansing, and heart healing meditations I’ve been doing?

I have no idea.

All I know is it makes me feel better. It doesn’t solve anything but it puts me at peace.  It makes me spin on positive things versus negative.  When I have insomnia now, it is usually because I’m too keyed up to sleep versus too spun up in a negative fashion.

Do I believe there is a higher power – greater energy – at work in this universe? Yes.  Call it what you will, but there is something there that makes sense.  Choose your name: God, earth mother, whatever.  Pick your one God or your combo of Gods & Goddesses.  I don’t care.  There are things that cannot be explained.


Put good things into the universe…..

….and they will come back.

Makes sense to me.

What do you think?

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