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First off, I’m going to pimp Ashly’s annual Toys for Tots drive.  This is her 4th year collecting money for a large toy donation to this organization.  Go toss a few dollars her way so she can make this a bigger year than last. 

I am happy to hear from all of my friends on the east coast who are safe and sound after Sandy hit shore.  I know it isn’t over yet, but just to hear the “we’re safe” messages on Facebook and Twitter makes me happy.  Stuff can be replaced – people cannot. 

It was interesting hearing about the storm via social networking.  It was also funny seeing all of the photos being re-posted everywhere.  I came across something this morning that separated the fakes from the real ones.  It was quite interesting to see how many couldn’t spot the fakes.  Gotta love photoshop.

Spent the evening with a friend of ours from college.  He is a close friend who had moved away years ago.  It was great seeing how much he has changed.  This is a guy who had so much baggage from his childhood and family that he needed his own personal valet to cart them around for him as he didn’t have enough arms.  This guy used alcohol and sex and shopping and food to self destruct.  Nope. He could not have one vice – he had four.   Now, he is down to no vices.  It has taken him an amazing amount of work to get to this point but he has.  And he struggles every day.  But as he says, each day is a new one.  And while he knows he is unnecessarily hard on himself, he cannot let himself slide on anything without risk of sliding backward.  It has taken him an incredible amount of time to climb out of the mess and shed the bags – he isn’t going back.  Nor is he done.  He is happy now.  He is healthy in his thinking.  He radiates good things.   It is such an amazing thing to see. I’m very proud and happy for him.

My brother got back from rehab on Sunday.  Nope, haven’t heard from him. Sigh.  Why did I expect anything less?

We shall find out in a few days what is happening with the system go-live in the next set of countries at work.  I have 15 separate plans I’m managing because we keep going forward even when we haven’t gone live. Hell, I need to add 2-3 more this week.  After that, we will be at the end of our list. That will be an interesting conversation.

I have corrupted another cohort.  We have annoying girl who whenever she sees me demands to know if I have heard any news that would impact her project.  After he has watched this for a couple of months, he now asks me the same thing about his project.  And he always follows it on the heels of her questions.  Then he asks her.  He is totally doing it as a joke, but she is taking him seriously.  Every time he does it, I have to turn my back so I don’t burst out laughing. 

I’m trying hard not to think about Thursday’s show opening.  I turned in my photos last week – and they supposedly hung them now.  Sigh. I’m excited and eager and nervous.  Breathing now….

Ok – back to my project plans.
Happy Tuesday!

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  1. Hubman says:

    Will we get to see which of your photos are in the show? I’m excited for you!

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