Taking His Pain

He had pushed me flat onto the bed – on my stomach.  Reaching into his bag which was next to the bed – out of my side – he pulled out a couple of things he planned on using.  The first smack told me the first was leather.  He used this flat leather glove to warm me up – making his hand more like a paddle than a hand.  He worked me up slowly – taking his time – until I could feel the heat coming off of my ass.

He paused, took off the glove, and shoved his fingers into my cunt.

“Mmmm….” was my simple response to the sudden invasion  but that changed quickly as he started finger fucking me in earnest – reaching that perfect spot inside.

He bent to my ear as he did it – “Cum on my fingers” he growled.  The first waves of orgasm washed over me – and I could feel myself cumming all over his fingers as I gushed.  He kept up the pace – telling me to cum for him again.  And all I could do is cum.

He slowed down, then withdrew his fingers from my cunt – and pushed him into my mouth.  “Be a good girl and clean them off.”  I licked and sucked his fingers as I would if they were his cock.  It was his turn to moan in reply.

With another “good girl”, he took his fingers away – and kissed my mouth hard – biting my tongue.  I reached down his body and took his cock into my hand – slowly stroking it as he devoured my mouth.  And when he was done with my mouth, he started biting my shoulder and back even harder.  All I could do is wiggle and moan as he held me down.

As he hurt me, his cock grew harder and harder.

“Can I suck your cock now?” I asked.

“Aren’t you a greedy little slut?” he chuckled, “But not yet.”

He stopped biting me and had me face him.

“Are you ready to take my pain?”

“Yes, Sir.”

And he squeezed my nipple hard – harder than I was prepared for.  I moaned and grunted and breathed as I processed the pain and the pleasure.  And the more I took it, the more he did to blur that line between pleasure and pain.

Then as suddenly as it started, it stopped.

He pulled me tightly to his body – letting me bury my face into his chest as he stroked my hair and kissed my forehead.  He murmured words during this time – telling me how good I am, how sexy I am, etc.  Until the words were, ” are you ready for more?”

“Yes, Sir.”

And it began again.  He repeated this process over and over again – then finally demanded that I cum for him.  “Be a good girl – CUM!” he commanded.

I came all over the bed as he lavished his praise onto me.  Hearing the good girls and good sluts and good whores made me cum again.  And as I started to cum, he began to slap my face – harder and harder until I was almost ready to cum again.

He released my nipple, pulled me close and stroked my hair and kissed my face.  Coddling me until I came down.  Then he pushed me onto my back – and thrusted hard into my ass.

The pain – the pleasure – it set me off again – I moaned, I screamed and I came again.

He continued to fuck me.  Fucking me hard – without mercy.  And I moaned and screamed and rode the wave of pleasure until he started cumming himself.

He withdrew, pulled off the condom and told me to suck his cock.

I moved between his legs – and started licking his cock.  Then when it was all wet with my saliva, I sucked his cock into my mouth. While it was in my mouth, I licked the head.

“What a sexy bitch you are” was his encouragement.

I swirled my tongue around the head of his cock – as I fondled his balls.

“Oh my – you are such a sexy slut – take it deep like the slut you are!”

I followed his instructions. I did exactly what he wanted.  He would periodically take his cock from my mouth and rub it on my face before replacing it back in my mouth – telling me to continue.  I did exactly what I was told to do – what he was in the mood for – as I sucked his cock.  And I could feel his cock swell right before he came.  I swallowed his cum. Then I licked him clean before he pulled me up to him.

“Good slut” was what he said as he stroked my hair and kissed me.

I love being his good slut.  So I slid down his body, took is cock into my mouth, and started things over again.

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