Motivational Monday

Sometimes we forget to look around – smell the flowers – and enjoy the beauty that is in our lives.  Savor life with all of your senses – the good and the bad.  But I guarantee you by savoring it all, you will be happy.

The older I get, the more I realize this is true.  Wanna change the world? Change yourself. Make yourself better.  Stop the crap you always do. Start doing something more. And you will, by virtue, make the world better.  

Don’t discount people in your life.  Sometimes you are there for them and not the other way around. And that’s okay.  (Just don’t let them go too far if the tables are turned.)

Choose your battles.  Choose them wisely.  Each moment spent shouting takes more of a toll than you may realize.  Life is too short to waste moments. 
My dad and I this weekend had this conversation.  I have taught my kids that I’m much scarier when I don’t shout.  Shouting isn’t always necessary and it isn’t always effective.  Speak softly and you’ll find, as Roosevelt said, your stick is much bigger.

What do you think?

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