Mental Health Day

I woke up today.

I laid there in bed.

And decided, I need a mental health day.

Seems that the days I’ve had off lately have been to recover from something. A mental recharge day.  A day where I needed to get well after feeling sick.  I have not taken the day off, in a good mood, just to have the day off.

Until today.

I called in “sick”.

I went back to bed with my new cuddly teddy bear.

And I slept.

Then I woke up.

And read.

And masturbated while texting a playmate.

I browsed the web.

I sent some emails I needed to send.

And I exhaled.

I may do some things productive later.  But, I am just enjoying “being” for the moment.

I do need a vacation from work.  But taking a day off for no real reason other than to have the day off is a good thing.  It’ll help.

Gotta come up for air once in a while before things are dire.

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  1. Mrs. M says:

    Lucky girl! I so need one of those! I think we should all get one per month as part of our compensation packages at work!

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