Cum for Me

His text to me:

“I’m going to beat you.  Slow and steady. I won’t fuck you or touch you in an intimate way. Only my floggers, single tails and canes will touch your body. If you are lucky, I may clamp your nipples.  But I’m going to just do this – slowly – methodically.  I know you won’t cry. You aren’t one that I think I could make to cry from the pain.  And when you cannot stand it anymore.  I’m going to tell you to be a good girl and cum for me.  Cum for me if you want to please me.  And in that moment, I will find out how good of girl you are – if you are willing to cum for me on command – from the mere touch of my whip.  Because until you can do it, my cock is off limits.”
My response:
“I want to be a good girl.  And I know your single tail is as good as your tongue because those words – those words on the screen of my phone – almost made me cum.”
I’m in trouble.

What do you think?

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