Sunday Coffee

Here are something to watch and read while you have your coffee on a Sunday morning.
This dog is pretty cool.
This article caught my attention for two reasons: the first is that this guy was in Portland when it happened and the second is the geek factor.  This guy talks about his unexpected encounter with the inventor of the computer at a coffee shop.  Read the article. The man in his 80s says some amazing things.  Oh yeah, and if you are a photographer, he invented the pixel too. 
I want a black light just so I can make this drink….
Click here to find out how.
I found this article funny….a look at what male superheros would look like if they had to dress like female superheros….
Check out Doghouse Diaries for a lot of laughs.  Great internet comic.
Need ideas of where to travel, this article about 7 amazing natural landmarks will definitely give you an idea.  
Happy Sunday!

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  1. Hubman says:

    Those 7 natural landmarks are amazing!! I was just a little surprised that there’s nothing in the US

  2. OsShirt says:

    I love the Chinese one!

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