Hump Day Dump Day

  • Art has been hung.  The gallery show is tomorrow night! Three lovely women showing their erotic sides rather than their comic sides.  I am in awe of how it all went together.  Even the owner sent me a message last night with compliments on the art.  He usually only says something when he doesn’t like it.  He must REALLY like it if he is sending me a text on it.  So if you are local – tomorrow night – 6-8pm – Club Sesso in Portland.  It’s free during that time.  After that, the club opens and club door fees apply.  For those on FL, check out the listing.
  • Oh, and how weird is it that I have the owner of a sex clubs number on speed dial?  Never thought it would happen.
  • Our yellow lab is moving slower and slower each morning. I swear my departure time for work hinges on how quickly he is moving in the morning.  Poor arthritic guy.  And his allergies (yes the dog has allergies) are going mad too as he gunky eyes are showing me.  Geriatric pets fill me with a feeling of happiness they are still happy but sadness that their slowing down will grind to a halt soon.
  • G and the kids come home late tonight.  Yay!!! 
  • I am in project plan hell at work.  I have four plans – with at least 4 more to add to them.  I’m a program manager with out the project managers to support me.  I think I can start reciting them in my sleep now.  To give you an idea, I have three counterparts in the other department…..I am doing three people’s jobs.  Wonder if I can propose that I should make 3times my salary. Hmm….
  • I need to post my picture of the week. I forgot to Sunday.  Crap.  I do have one. Some fun graffiti that had myself and Lili doing a double take when we saw it.  
  • Friday will be known as taming of the lawn day.  The backyard will be my bitch.  I hate blackberry vines.
  • Our neighbor closest to us moved out this past weekend.  I think her apartment is like a clown car.  They have pulled more stuff out of it than it should have been able to hold.  It’s not a big apartment… as large as two of our rooms.  Yet, four U-Haul loads and three pickup truck loads later, they are still pulling stuff out of the apartment.  I had been in her apartment before – she wasn’t a horder – unless she hid it well.  
  • I need to buy new running shoes this weekend.  Did you hear that, Domenico, I’m buying new running shoes to start running again. He has been pushing me to start running again.  I figure if I start, I can start pestering him to start again.  I heard it’s good for one’s ass. 
  • I hope the drama with the other art committee member has stopped.  Guess I’ll find out next week when I attend the tantra class where he will be.  That could be fun.
  • I’m taking Friday off this week.  I need a break. I am a believer that one is given vacation each year to use up during that year – the break will do you good.  Six months as a contractor, followed by six months probation period = no vacation for Emmy for a year.  Sigh.  October is the timeline.  And yes, Lili, I will start planning now. <3
Ok – enough of my ramblings. Off to work I go. Assuming the old dog is ready to come back into the house.
Happy Hump Day!

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