I took the broom out in more ways than one this weekend and swept this weekend.

I cleaned off the patio.

I cleaned off the pathway.

I cleaned off the deck.

I cleaned off the sidewalks and driveway.

And I did some personal cleaning too.

Sweeping and cleaning up things I needed to take care of – had been delaying – and putting them into a truth.

It’s funny how doing that latter sort of cleaning leaves one with mixed feelings – mixed emotions.

While the other kind gives me a sense of completion and accomplishment.

As I took a walk the other morning, I realized my big issue.  I have let me emotions out.  Over the past couple of years, I was good at keeping things compartmentalized.  I rarely let someone see a side of me that was bad.  Yet, over the past year, there is a small handful of people who have seen me stressed and upset and struggling and all of the things I generally never let anyone see.  Even G will comment more recently that he is sup

What do you think?

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