Wednesday Brain Dump

  • The family was all back in town as of yesterday evening.  G got back from the comicon Tuesday at 12am.  The girls were home by 6pm.  Everyone had a great time.  It was great having them all back as the house was starting to get really REALLY quiet. 
  • Getting ready for the art show at the local sex club.  I’m really excited to show three women who do comics and other fun, sexy art. Getting glimpses of what they are working on just makes me more and more excited.  Two of the women I know personally.  One is family, and the other is a friend.  So that makes it even more excited. 
  • My two gifts from G from comicon: a great little piece of art of the Swedish Chef and a t-shirt from Sherlock. I love both.  And the t-shirt rocks.  I guess he went back repeatedly trying to get me one – and I got the last one in my size. Awesome!
  • My direct manager is driving me nutty.  Each time she doesn’t like the answer about something I say – something I am repeating because it was what I was told by someone else, she makes me defend it.  I got pissed yesterday during the 5min drilling of why I thought I needed to do what the executive told me to do (attend a meeting he was having), and told her to go ask him. I was done with her expecting me to explain and defend what he wants.  Then I walked away from her.  I really don’t care if she is pissy about it. She needs to learn to direct her frustration appropriately.
  • While on my work rant, I’m really getting sick of being expected to do more simply because I can handle it while my peers cannot.  As I told the big boss the other day, fix your staffing problem because I’m done being expected to pick up the slack because you won’t fix it.  She agreed.  We shall see what that means.
  • I’m playing “hide the bruises” at work again.  Saturday’s party left me a bit marked up – not as bad as usual, but in some new places.  I played with a sadist who, I learned, deliberately leaves cool spots on bottoms who mark up nicely. Why? Because then when he hits that spot with one of his evil paddles, it will leave a great mark.  Yeah, I have 5 “great marks” high on my hips thanks to three paddles.  On, and thanks to another sadist who stood there watching and offering pointers.  My smart ass response to his help simply resulted in my ass smarting.  Yeah, I don’t learn.
  • The second sadist in that story is a friend of mine.  He expressed great disappointment he didn’t get to scene with me Saturday.  Two intense scenes in two days had made my energy low.  I love it when my energy  is high when I play with him because it usually results in a fun scene.  We spent Sunday doing some negotiations on playing outside of parties.  Turns out he is a bit shy about things like this.  I was pretty entertained by how my assertiveness was what was needed to bring something to fruition. 
  • I kegged my beer over the weekend. I’m waiting for it to carbonate so I can try it.  I’m excited. 

I think that’s all for now.

I guess I should work today….if I could wake up. 

Happy Hump Day!

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