Motivational Monday

I recently had this conversation with a friend who is questioning her relationship with a person.  But truth is, they are both going thru hell to keep it alive – despite the obstacles.  I told her to stop questioning it – fearing it – but embrace it because it is exactly what they both need.  They need to not take that for granted – they need to hold tight and love it.

I feel this one.  Only thru feeling lost and broken did I find out who I really am.  I sorted through my shit and examined who I really am.  I looked at my own values – looked at my actions – and found gaps that resulted in me either needing to change my values or change my actions.  Or ask why.  In the end. I feel like I know me better because I was lost – and I helped myself to be found.
Too many times we focus on what we are not.  And that is what holds us back for being who was are.  We limit our thinking and we limit ourselves.  Don’t do that.

A-fucking-men!  Never think you don’t want to do something because of how you will look.  Know that if you are having fun – no one will think you look stupid.  Instead, they will feel drawn to your positive energy.  

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  1. Love the Poehler quote!

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