A Nooner


He marched right through the open door, came straight toward me, wrapped his hand around my neck, and pulled me to my feet.  And in full view of anyone who may wander by the house, possessed my mouth fully – biting my tongue as he kept a firm grip on my neck.

When he released me, he said hello as he pulled me into a hug.  Then he bit my neck.

I regained my wits long enough to realize the door needed to be shut.  I muttered something of the sort, he released me, and I created a private show instead of the public one we had been giving.  I came back to his arms where he pulled me back to him again.  He reached into his pocket and brought out his mini single tail whip.

“Where I am going to lash you?” he asked with a grin.

We chose a location – he told me to strip and turn around – facing the wall.  I felt his hands on my ass as he swatted me warm.  Steady strikes against my skin – taking the coolness away before he struck me with the whip.  Barely taking it away before he decided I was ready for him to hurt me.

One final swat on my ass, and I felt the heat of his body leave me.  But it was replaced by the hot tongue of the single tail.  On my shoulders.  On my back. On my ass. On my thighs.  “Spread your legs,” he commanded.  I complied, only to feel the single tail wrap around me leg and hitting my clit with great precision.

Soft strokes felt like gentle licks against my skin.

Then hard strokes the brought me to my toes as I felt the burn against my skin.

“I love striping you up,” he commented as he continued.

Then he suddenly stopped. I felt his body behind me again.  He brought the whip up, wrapping it around my head with it in my mouth like a gag.  Then he pulled me onto me toes and back into his body.  With one hand, he forced me back to him.  His other hand found a nipple.  He squeezed it hard and pulled it straight out as he did it.  I moaned into his whip – not able to do much more than that.

He released me quickly, pushed me back to the wall, and resumed his assault on my body.

“Do you trust me?” he asked.

A funny question given he was in my house – we were alone – I was naked – and he was striking me with a single tail. I think trust was well established.

“I do,” I replied.

“Then turn around and lean back against the wall.”

I did what I was told.  I saw the grin on his face before he struck my first nipple with the single tail.  I arched into the strike – moaning from the pain and the pleasure that was sent through my body.  And just as I caught my breath, he got the other one.  He moved from nipple to thighs back to nipples.  He found my pussy and my clit and my breasts again.  I was a moaning, writhing mess trying to stay upright against the wall as I had been told to do.

He tossed the single tail onto the bed then came straight towards me.  An evil gleam in his eye.

“Such a sexy lil’ slut.  Now let’s see what I can do to these” as he reached out and grabbed one breast in each hand.  The grip around each breast intensified as he squeezed them to stand out for him.  Then he bent down and drew a nipple into his mouth where he sucked and bit it until I leaned into him for support from the pleasure he was inflicting on my overly sensitive nipples.

He finally released me and sent me to the bed.  He had me lean back before settling between my legs and biting my clit.  I arched my back at the unexpected sensation. I had expected a lick or a suck, but not a bite.  He proceded to lick and bite my cunt as he slid fingers inside of me – finding my G spot and forcing me to have an orgasm.

He slid up my body and kissed my mouth hard – as his fingers forced me to have another orgasm – soaking his fingers.

“Suck my cock” he commanded even before I had time to catch my breath.

I slid down and started to lick his cock slowly – very slowly.  I could hear his breath catch as I neared the head of the cock.  I licked it like a lollipop before taking it into my mouth.

“Good girl.  My lil slut knows how I like it.  Lick is really good before you suck on it.”

I followed his instructions.  Licking his cock using the flat part of my tongue – then just the tip of my tongue to trace his cock from balls to head.  I took my time.  I enjoyed the reactions I was getting as I explored ever part of his cock – then moved down to lick his balls.

“Ok, now you can suck it.  Not fast – take your time.”

I sucked his cock into my mouth – taking him deep.

“Hold it right there. Do not suck anymore. Let me do the work.”

And he began fucking my mouth fast and deep.  His hand was in my hair as he held me in place so he could fuck my mouth in earnest.

“Good girl.  That’s my hot lil’ slut – just keep your mouth right there. I’m going to fuck you hard now.”

He picked up the pace.  His breathing changed – and I could feel his cock grow – ready to flood my mouth.

“Take it all, my greedy lil’ slut – swallow it all.”

He came. I did my job. I swallowed all he gave me – licking him clean when he was done.

“That’s my good girl.”

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  1. Nooners are a perfect thing aren’t they. Sounds like you both had a good time.

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