A Great Father-Son Project


The title of this post is what I kept overhearing Sunday while my daughters were building a boat with their grandfather and father.  
“A great father-son project”
The process was simple actually as all of the wood was cut – the tools were provided.  It was all screws and glue and drilling.  Good and easy stuff.
Even a girl could have done it.
And two girls did do it.
They glued. They drilled. They put in screws. They planed. They sanded. They did it all.
One of a few girls there doing the work.  
I hated hearing that comment over and over again. Though, it gave me some pride showing these people who clearly think building is a boy activity that even a girl could do it.  Or, in this case, two girls.  While the other boys were out paddling around in their accomplishment, my girls were giddy that the boat floated – and they started planning the adventures they planned to have in it – even asking if they could convert it to a sailboat too.  
When a small insignificant leak sprung, they knew exactly why.  They even came to shore explaining which piece needed more glue for a better seal.  Clearly, they didn’t just follow along but they learned and remembered.
G and I talked about this last night and agreed.  Next year, we should try to get DJ’s girl scout troop to do it.  An all girls team of girls and their moms building a boat.  Let’s really fuck with the men who consider this a father-son project.
Because really – it’s just a great project for anyone who has the time and can follow directions.
No particular sex required.

What do you think?

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