Very Right


He smiled at me as we sat, hunched over our coffees in the cafe, knees touching as we spoke quietly.  He reached over as I was retelling a story and stroked my cheek affectionately. I paused in my story and smiled back at him.

“You are beautiful when you laugh. You know that?”

I glanced down at my coffee, smile on my lips, but at a loss of words to reply to his compliment.  I felt his hand on my back as he made his way to the back of my chair.

His text to me the day before was a simple request for coffee.  A request for a talk over a cup of cawfee – spoken in his mild accent from the Northeast.  A quick negotiation of schedules, and we found a time.

Our coffees always go much the same.  A quick catch-up about what is going on.  A check-in on how the family is going – how work is going.  And interspersed amid the small talk are little innuendos – small touches – a kiss – and stories of time past.

“I want to ask you something,” he started. “I don’t know how to go about this – it’s been too long since I’ve even wanted to do this,” he explained. “I, uhm, well….” and he paused as he tried to sort ouf the words.

I touched his hand and smiled.  “Just be out with it – I appreciate direct,” I reminded.

“I want you on my profile.  We are friends – and playmates – and I want that connection on the profile. Would that be okay?” It was his turn, it seemed, to be bashful and a bit unsure.

It was sweet.  I liked the way he addressed it.

“I don’t know why I’m so nervous about this….” he tried to explain.

I interrupted as he fumbled a bit, “People can be weird about this stuff. Some thinks people are too hasty in how they quickly they add relationships on profiles.  And everyone has an opinion about it.  I personally don’t care what they think. If it feels right between the people involved, I think it should be done.  Add me, please.”

He smiled at me, kissed me, and squeezed my knee.  “Thank you. It does feel right.  Very right.”

It’s funny how sometimes things happen.  A moment of normal or maybe nostalgia – reminds one how things should be – how they could be – if baggage or assumptions were shed.  
Tough talks are had.  Some verbal spewing but important sharing.  Important discussions – important explanations – and one feels better.  It feels right again.  It feels very right to laugh and smile and be happy with a friend.
I had one of those days. It was tough – and stressful – but needed and right.
Because that’s what good friends – chosen family members do – we ride the ups and downs with each other – even when it is hard. We do it because we love each other – we care.  We aren’t going anywhere.  Even when it may be hard to hear or realize you have done something to hurt the other.  We know it isn’t out of a bad place.  Resolving it – get back to an even keel – feels right.
Very right.
Curled up together in bed – the three of us – post coital.  
She was in the middle with one of us on each side.  We had held her through several orgasms – holding her as though she would fly away if we didn’t hold tight.  Tethering her to the bed with our bodies as we ravaged her body.  
She was beautiful as she rode the wave of pleasure.  He was gorgeous – the look he had as he gave it to her.   I enjoyed laying there watching – smiling at how right it all felt.
How right it felt to hold her tight as she came down from that pleasure ride.
How right it felt to have her there.
How right it felt to kiss her and explore her body.
How right it feels to express our love for each other.  
Very right.

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  1. And your post feels right. 🙂

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