“What IS your relationship to each other,” the waitress asked as she came by to serve us.

The three of us giggled as we were intertwined with each other.

“Come back when you can talk,” Lilly answered – and the waitress scampered away.

We all exchanged kisses, sipped our drinks and tuned into Doctor Who which was playing in the place.

Later, she came back, pulled out a chair and said “so tell me – what IS this thing you have going.”

Lilly introduced us to her. This waitress has served Lilly and G – and Lilly and me – but never G and me.  So when she introduced G and me as “married” you could see the expression on the face of the waitress change from curiosity to “OMG”.   But then she laughed when we introduced Lilly as “the condiment”.

“Lilly is my girlfriend – Emmy is my wife” G explained.  You could almost see the woman’s head explode.

She did tell us that she did a 3some once.  It didn’t work out.  So, being a good poly trio, we explained why THIS works.

Lilly even commented about how her husband was part of it unti lhe wanted out.  My heart ached. I hate he is gone.  I love what the three of us have, but he is missing.  I feel the void.

G and I explained how communication has to be great.  “You have to be willing to have touch discussions,” Lilly explained to her.  We all agreed.  “The primary relationships have to be good.  This is the greenhouse to the solid house – it shouldn’t be replacing the house,” I explained.

“Our threesome ended poorly.” the Waitress revealed.

We all felt bad.  A sexual act turned into an excuse for cheating.  Not a good reason to go poly.

“I love them. I want them to be happy. I want them to be healthy. I want their relationship good,” Lilly stated quite clearly.

And that – THAT is the truth.

You can’t be poly without the primary relationship being good.

No one is trying to replace anyone.

We are simply adding onto an already good relationship.

Like I said, I miss our forth. I still love him. But I miss him.  A good friend gone missing. Not because we want him to distract – but because we want him part of the love and cuddles and giggles.

Regardless, the trio is happy.  She thanked us for our candor.

We curled up together – enjoyed the rest of our night in the bar – with kisses, and cuddles and Dr Who.

Then we went home, giggling at the fact we blew that woman’s mind.

Hopefully her mind got opened a bit.

Hopefully she starts communicating more.

Hopefully her life turns out as she wants it.

In the mean time, she went hom thinking about the trio, sitting in her section, giggling our asses off while curled up in each others arms, and keeps her mind open.

That’s what its all about.

What do you think?

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