Weekend by the Numbers


  • 1.5 hours I worked on Friday before being tossed out by the CTO saying it was my birthday and my work on the project was done for the day.
  • 10 minutes I talked to my dad before he said he’d call sometime this weekend after the party and when I was sober.
  • 16 people who came to my birthday party.
  • 6 people who gave me birthday spankings
  • 1 person who gave me two sets of birthday spankings as he was asked to be someone’s designated hitter.
  • about 290 birthday swats 
  • 1 cane that was broke on my ass
  • 3 Tops who took down my friend who made sure the party was full of sadists to swat me
  • 10 swats of a paddle I gave her
  • about 7 different toys what were used on me including a wet towel used as a makeshift whip
  • 10 hours that I was awake yesterday
  • 3 number of dogs in our house
  • 9pm – time we ate dinner last night because we were all wiped out from Friday
  • 15 – number of people standing on the Vista bridge last night taking photos of the Super Moon
  • 1 mouse that was seen that was almost captured 2 times in 1 night
That has  been my weekend so far! 
A good weekend.
Life is good.

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  1. Quite a birthday you had! I don’t think I could take 290 swats… 😉

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