Wednesday Wanderings


  • Top Gear makes me want a different car. I believe though that all it may do is ensure I get a ticket or eight.
  • We dyed DJ’s hair last night. Why? It’s crazy hair day. She wanted to do the koolaid dye job, but we could only find red – not good for a red head.  So we found purple dye. She loves it.  Lusty Lavender.  I told her if she wanted to keep it, I’d have someone dye it for real.  Moe is not someone who should be dying someone’s hair.  That was my lesson for the night.
  • I got a great compliment from a friend of mine and playmate on Monday.  She is transgender and commented that my kids were the first she has encountered that didn’t react to her some way.  They treated her “normal”. She loved it.  It was a great parenting moment – knowing you have exposed the kids to enough that they will only react to the negative.  As DJ commented, “I don’t care as long as people are true to who they are.  That’s all that matters.” A-men.  This helps me feel a little less bad about her F.
  • My garden is going crazy.  All my seeds are sprouted and up.  My plants are happy. My bok choi is in heaven.  It makes me happy.
  • I had a great day yesterday. A sadistic bastard I’ve played with a few times asked me to coffee.  We met, held hands, told stories and giggled at each other.  He told me he was going to give me my birthday spankings and turn my ass as read as my polar fleece.  A text later told me that he had a perfect chain mail glove he may wear as he does it.  Made for a squirmy afternoon.
  • I was told by my boss today that the CTO wants me to personally oversee the next 24 month rollout of the software worldwide.  Apparently I have earned the reputation of knowing what I’m talking about, being able to talk geek, and people like me.  Damn. I need to work harder to rectify that.
  • I am obsessed with a new iPad app. It’s called Paper by FiftyThree.  It is an amazing drawing, sketching, not taking app. I’m having a lot of fun with it.  It is quite amazing. I love it. And have spent a crap load of my time drawing on my iPad.  Good stuff.
  • Also, while I’m geeking out, I love the National Geographic app as well as Bon Appetit.  Amazing ways to interact with some neat magazines. 
  • I was laughing the other day as I met with the art committee members for the sex club. I am leading it now.  A bottom leading a group of dominate men who consider themselves doms.  And I spent the time bossing them around.  A funny turn of events.  Now lets see if they’ll produce shit or if I’ll have to get my whip out and use it against them.  
  • May Day was yesterday and living in the city that loves a good protest, I got to see the Portland Police on bikes tackle and arrest protestors.  From my office window.  And if that window isn’t a great vantage point, we could stream the live film feed from the local news helicopter.  It was 6hours of fun protests.  The thing I hated: where the clash happened between protesters and police? Right in front of the food carts at lunch – meaning those small business owners lost money yesterday.  The people they are trying to highlight got screwed. Yeah.
Happy Hump Day!!

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