Work on the Weekend

A project that has been underway for over a year is finally going live this week – and the first steps were started last night.

And who is overseeing and responsible for the fun?

Yep – me.

As the guys doing the work why and they will tell you because I get it.  They only have to say briefly what is going on, and I get it – and I block people from bugging them.  It’s a good thing. 

The problem?

It’s boring. This is the joy of what I get to do:

+ Send out hourly email updates.
+ Update the status spreadsheet so that they know what to do.
+ Calculate how behind schedule we are (8hrs now)
+ Order food.
+ Yell at people who bug them.
+ Yell at them for fucking around.
+ Talk to the execs and reassure them that it will get done.
+ Go tell the team that they WILL get it done.
+ Con them into getting my iPad on the corporate wireless.
+ Play games on my phone with friends.
+ Yell at our “partners” (and I use that term loosely)
+ Chat with friends online.
+ Download new apps for my iPad.
+ Listen to music.
+ Laugh at the guys editing themselves as to not “offend me”
+ Stare out the window at the cityscape
+ Eat black jelly beans.
+ Drink too much coffee.
+ Redial into the conference bridge every hour.
+ Ask repeatedly “are we done yet?”

Yep – that’s my weekend.  Started 14hrs yesterday – and already 3.5hrs into toay.


What do you think?

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