Taking What You Want

You sidle up along side me and put your arm around my waist.  

“How are you?” you ask simply.
I don’t recall how I answer as I am distracted by your hand that is sliding up my spine towards my head. Then I feel your fingers slide along my scalp.  You grab my hair and pull my head back.  I exhale  and close my eyes, enjoying the power you exert over me.  A smile spreads across my face.  
“Come with me” you say as you pull me by my hair into the room.  
You pull me into your body for a hard kiss. My mouth is forced open by your mouth as I feel your tongue invading my mouth – exploring it.  I return the exploration, but your bite my tongue showing me that I do not have control.  I groan into your mouth.
You pull away, and your mouth finds my neck as your hand remains in my hair. You pull my head away, exposing my neck to you.  You bite it.  You kiss it. You bite it again before your lips brush my ear and I hear “take off your clothes, I’m going to beat you now.”
You release me and turn your back to me – gathering the bag of things you are going to use on me.  My fingers can’t operate my buttons and fasteners quickly enough as I strip down bare – ready to give my body to you.
Without looking, you tell me to bend over that table.  I follow your instructions, not looking to see where you are at. I feel you approach. I feel the warmth of your body near mine. I moan without thinking about it.  You don’t even need to touch me.
Your hand runs down my back and ass.  You grab skin. You scratch. You are mapping my body with your hands.  The flogger hits my back unexpectedly.  Not soft. Not hard. A perfect impact to get things started.  I start moving to the rhythm of the flogger – the rhythm your strokes set.  I can’t help it.  It’s like you are plying my body with your flogger, and I move to the music you produce. You increase the tempo and the intensity, and my moans join the music of the flogger hitting my body.  
You stop suddenly.  I feel your hand on my body – stroking the skin you just heated up.  I arch my back into the sensation.  I groan – I moan – and I savor the feeling – the contrast of sensation.
I feel you move away from me.  Then I feel something new against my skin.  I can’t tell if it is a cane or a crop.  But I do know your hand is back in my hair.  You take a handful of hair, pull my head up from the table, just as you strike my ass – once, twice and three times.  
“Good grrl” are the words I hear from you.  My non-verbal response is to the pain, to the sensation, and to the words.  
A new toy is selected.  More strikes. More moans. More wiggles. More moving.  You push me hard. You make me want to say enough, but at the same time I can’t. I want more.  I want to see how far you can take me.
“Turn onto your back,” you command, “and spread your legs.”  
You pick up the single tail which makes me squirm.  “Keep your legs open for me.”  
I tilt my head away from you.  I feel the single tail hit my body. You let it strike places that surprise me.    I feel it hit my arms, my chest, my legs.  Then the predictable places -my nipples – my pussy – my inner thighs.  I fight myself – knowing that I cannot move without risking injury to myself. A move means I take responsibility to where you hit.  So I hold still – and fight the internal battle. I moan, I laugh, I make loud noises.  
Your hands start tracing the stripes you have left on my body.  “You’re like a tiger, and I gave you those stripes.” I laugh at the comment knowing, without looking, that you have striped me up.  Your hand is on my pussy as your other hand grabs my head and pulls me to your mouth.  You pull away long enough to comment how wet I am.  “Open your eyes and look at me.”
I do – just as I feel your fingers slide inside me, finding my g-spot immediately.  I force my eyes to stay open – keeping contact with your eyes  as I moan.  Those fingers move expertly as I fight to maintain eye contact.  But those fingers are bringing me close to orgasm – making me close to covering your fingers with me.  And just when I cannot hold back anymore, I close my eyes, feel your teeth on my neck, as I cum hard.
You hold me close until I come down.  Then you tell me to get to my knees as you unzip your pants.
I need no further instructions. I take your cock into my mouth – sucking and licking it as I work to take it deeper and deeper.  “Good grrl” is all you offer me as I work your cock with my mouth and my hands. Your moans tell me that you are enjoying it.  I take you deeper and deeper with each stroke.  I move faster and faster too.  I feel your hand in my hair again – as you take control.  Forcing me to take it even deeper.  Forcing me to be faster.  
“Just like that” tells me you are getting what you need.  Then you push your cock into my throat quickly – your body tenses – as you cum.  I swallow what you give me – taking it all as well as I can.  When you release me, I slowly clean your cock – sucking the rest of your cum from your cock – and help you come down from the orgasm.
You grab me by my hair and bring me to my feet.  You kiss me deep before you turn me around and proceed to spank me hard again.  I moan and feel on the verge of cumming again – from just the sensation.  
“I have to make sure you have good marks,” you tell me as you grab something else, and swat me with it.
“This will leave some marks.” 
And they do.
But I already got what I wanted. 

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  1. Hubman says:

    Here you go, turning around my notion that BDSM play and actual sex are often separate!

    In any case, I like the images you paint with your words 🙂

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