Random Thoughts

Here are random thoughts bouncing around my head….

  • The most fun I had at Saturday’s party was the aftercare.  Sitting on the couch, kissing the guy who had just hurt me, having him stroke me  and poke my marks as I stroked his cock through his pants – and I had a woman on the other side cuddled up next to me.  When he got pulled away, an amazingly sexy woman took his place.  She and I cuddled, kissed, touched and talked for almost an hour.  It was quite fabulous being part of this all girl puppy pile. There were five of us on this couch. 
  • I am sick of fighting being, well, sick.  Each time I get 100%, I get sick again.  I am one so many freaking herbal remedies and vitamins that I’m surprised it isn’t oozing from my pours.  I came home from work at lunch yesterday and slept for 3hrs.  Felt great.
  • My two managers are fighting less publicly now.  Sad part is – I feel like a child in the midst of a horrible custody battle.  As I told a friend yesterday, I really wish one would start trying to buy my love. It would at least be more entertaining.
  • I got a book on Shibari last week. I spent last night tying up G.  I figured he could be a rope bottom for a while.  It’s funny how little I was referring to the book.  Guess it’s my experience being tied up.
  • DJ spent the weekend earning back her laptop after having it taken away.  Sunday, she did the work without supervision – for like 3hrs.  It was quite impressive.  And she was quite responsible. She got it back.  Had I had to supervise her as much as Saturday, she would still be without it.  
  • Elderly pets means dosing them with various things.  Our dog is getting 1500 mg of one drug while the cat is getting 500mg of another.  G admitted the other day that he is scared to find out which animal is going to not get up one morning.  The dog must know the meds are important because he actually gobbled it down without it being hidden in anything.  I hope it helps.  
  • So glad DJ found her fucking camera so she could post on Facebook the picture of me giving her my best Moe look.  Most have found it humorous.  I just don’t like seeing myself glaring at me.
  • We had somewhat of an ironic conversation last night at dinner.  DJ is doing sex ed.  And G being a good cohort gave her questions to ask her teacher (his peer) in an effort to stump her.  We had a whole conversation about gender, sex and transgender.   A woman I am friends with – and who I have played with a few times – is transexual – male-to-female.  She has fabulous energy.  She is great fun to be around.  And she has a penis.  This conversation ended up being a very good one with the girls asking thoughtful questions – pondering what was being said – and in the end, deciding that people should be who they feel they are regardless of what is thought by people.  I love my kids.
  • And on a sadder note, I read yesterday that a teen in the part of Iowa I grew up in committed suicide after being bullied and teased at school for being gay.  Took me back to when I was in high school.  My best friend is gay and was doing a poor job hiding it while we were in high school.  He got taunted all the time – and it used to piss me off all the time.  In the end, he was fine and is fine.  It could have been a lot worse.  Kids are a lot worse.  Someone asked why is it worse now.  I think its because the parents defend kids more – and not step back and do what is right. I think its because schools have their hands tied.  And I think kids are just meaner.  Toss into the mix the internet where anyone can say anything without consequence, and kids get hit from all sides without knowing their attackers per say.  Also, I think there is this assault on childhood where kids are forced to grow up faster.  And that means expectations and exposure to things they don’t know how to process or handle appropriately because they are not mentally or emotionally mature enough to do it.  These things are a recipe to bad.  Fuck this has to be fixed. 
And on that depressing note…..nah, I can’t end on that note.
Instead I leave you this…..
Happy Hump Day! 
Go off and hump now! 

What do you think?

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