Motivational Monday

Always remember this!
Reminds me of Rupaul’s statement at the end of each Drag Race – if you can’t love yourself, then how and the hell do you think you could love someone else.  
It may look like those who work hard and are assholes win in the end, but they don’t.  You just don’t see the end.  Don’t line your path with dead bodies of people who simply got in your way.  Be kind.  Karma IS paying attention.
YES! It’s amazing how putting this out in the world can have it come back to you 10 fold.
Lastly, I have been told that Nolens Volens has some great words about me on his blog. He said some great things to me yesterday as we chatted. I’m always amazed when I start hearing words that my heart needs to hear unsolicited.  For that, I thank him.
Happy Monday!

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  1. It was my pleasure to say exactly what your heart needed. 🙂

  2. I needed this post today…Thank you!

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