Ghosts roam my house.

The invisible energy of times past play over and over again.

Reminding me of how much things have changes.

When I look in certain areas of he house, I see the shadows of things that have happens – with the people they happened with.

I see the girl pinned against the wall by the neck.  I feel the teeth on her neck.  I feel the pleasure coursing through her veins.

I see the shadows in the bedroom. Pulling him in there, pushing him back on the bed. Kissing him hard.

These shadows, these ghosts, walk through my house.

And I all get to do is watch.

Try not to miss it.

Try to remember the positive instead.

But I wish there was some sort of exorcist,

Because these ghosts,

They don’t help.

I need them to go away for a while.

I need to replace them with something else.

For these ghosts keep haunting me in my sleep.

I want them to be happy memories, not ones that make me sad.

I just need them to quiet down for a while.

What do you think?

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