Friday Randomness

  • I get to work all day and night today. Yay.
  • I have told everyone at work that if they want to get me a birthday present next Friday – they should get this system live before Friday so I don’t have to work the weekend.  They thought I was joking until I showed them how I had constructed the plan to get it done before my birthday – and it worked.  Needless to say, they are all around the idea of getting it done.  Keep your fingers crossed it happens.
  • I have most of my garden planted now. And it’s great looking outside and seeing the seeds sprouting to plants.  I love the raised beds because warm weather warms up the soil enough I can plant earlier.  Good stuff.
  • Thanks for all of the comments yesterday.  I wanted to  make one clarification – I am not talking about teachers who are floating along to retirement – protected by tenure.  Those teachers are a problem. They should be dealt with.  G got the list of complaints – and ever single one of them was things that should be addressed face-to-face. They are not educational philosophy concerns. They were petty and odd.  They meet with the parent today. Should be interesting
  • I wrote a letter to the principal pointing out that I was never asked my opinion of the middle school teaching even though I am a parent of a child in the program.  The fact I was excluded, I pointed out, means that they were only looking for positions to bolster their position.  I also pointed out that this means they have lost their focus – no longer being the kids but being about them being right.  I encouraged him to take the position on the kids.  And teaching the kids about life – about rebounding from things – not by making it so they don’t fail.  I figured he needed some support and perspective.
  • I really need to get my tattoo finished.

I think this should just be the sign that preceeds anyone’s dealings with me.
And this is the one I may use today.
And this is the one I think I need to send to the guy I talked geek with at the munch the other night. He apologized for geeking out too much. I’m like – it’s all good sexy man! What can I say – I like smart funny people.  They are a turn on.
Happy Friday

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  1. BluEyedBader says:

    I think the stupid sign is perfect… I may have to use that.. although the person I say that too may not be happy about it.

    Happy Friday!

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