10 Things to Never Say to a Sadist

My friend and I were talking this weekend after she and I made some rookie mistakes with our respective sadists. So we created an impromptu list of what not to say…..

1. “Is that it?” <--- Oh, no - you are guaranteed it is NOT it now. 2. “Oo..I like that one.”  Also in the same category, “That feels good.” <--- whatever they were using will now be set aside in lieu of something more evil. 3. “On a scale of 1-5 with 5 being hurts the worst, I think that’s about a 2.” <--- As I know, they will take it from that 2 to a 6 with the next hit. 4. “I hate that toy!” <--- yep, they will keep using it. 5. “I’ve never tried that before. Does it hurt?” <--- will result in you getting to experience it whether it hurts or not. 6. “Fuck you!” <---- not a safe word & usually results in a hard hit next time. 7. “I don’t remember if I liked that or not.” <---- they will make sure you remember next time. 8. “Oh, I’ve bottomed to that person before.” <---- if "that person" is notoriously an evil bastard, you are in for it now. 9. “I like marks.” <--- yeah, you will have lots of them! 10. “I’m sure I’ll be fine.” <--- they will make sure you are fine, but they are going to make sure you hit that line.
…..and if you are going to lie – lie quick, assuredly, and without hesitation.  They seem to know if lies are being told.

Those evil bastards……

…..happy sigh…..

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  1. Aeon's Angel says:

    So true, so true.

    I have also learned not to say “So & so said on her blog that s/o does _____ (fill in blank) when she is in trouble, that would suck.” Inevitably it ends up sucking for me as well.

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