Glimpses into My Week

Monday:  Weird day. Lots of stuff to do at work.  Lots to handle at home. Sunday night, G and I had a talk about his parents and Easter.  A few weeks ago, he told his parents off – well, not quite – more like gave them an honest assessment of how our kids feel about them and staying with them.  My kids come back home shaking their heads at how unable my in-laws are unable to pick their battles.  Needless to say, his comments went over like a lead balloon – especially when my lovely in-laws went as far as saying if we were better parents.  Now for me, that just results in a big fuck you.  For him, he goes back to his childhood where they would do shit like this all of the time.  So we had to talk about what to do for Easter. There is an expectation by them. I personally think they need a big old time out from us.  So we chatted.  And he chatted about other things. And he slept like shit. And I slept like shit having dreams that he blamed me for the fall out with his parents – like won’t talk to me anymore because of what happened.  Needless to stay, Monday sucked ass.  I was in a weird place.  Work sucked.  Home sucked.  Life was sucking the, well, life out of me.

Tuesday: I was in a full out funk.  I should be excited. Kinkfest is coming. But nope.  No such luck.  I was in a rough place.  G and I had fought the night before.  And I was raw.  Domenico talked me down.  I really needed it too – more than I had realized.  We chatted.  I felt better.  We chatted some more. I felt like I had the ear I needed.  And I found my mood go from funky to goofy.  While in a meeting, someone said something and all I kept thinking was “the cheese stands alone”.  This lead to a chat about how kinky that song is – wife takes a child, child takes a nurse, nurse takes a dog.  Hmm…it’s one big old poly kinky family.  But, the cheese – the cheese stands alone.

Wednesday: Busy but not quite insane day at work.  Lots of laughter – the funk is gone.  Kinkfest negotiations are in full swing.  A chat with my favorite Sadist let to some funny discussions such as “well aren’t I supposed to be a wall flower like a good girl waiting for the man to show interest” and “of course, my dance card is full- when you are this awesome….”  During a meeting, Domenico shared with me the Skippys List of things he cannot do in the army.  In a meeting, I’m sitting there trying not to look at it because I can feel the laughter boiling up to a point of escape.  What does Mr Helpful do? He starts sending me the ones he did in the Navy.  Yeah, it was a tough meeting as I had a hand over my mouth trying not to explode with laughter.  The munch later was even funnier.  Great conversations with kinky women.  One woman shared her litmus test to find out if a married man is being honest with his wife.  She asks them to make sure with their wife that they sleep with a former man.   The sex change operation was quite successful – but some wives aren’t comfortable.  Awesome.  Then the Sadist and I got into a hilarious conversation about Merrie Melodies cartoons.  Yeah, it was quite a weird conversation.  And it all started with “kill the wabbit, kill the wabbit, kill the wabbit.”  We stood in our corner, talking, laughing, and laughing some more.  It was great.  Later, we scared his partner by thinking the same.  She just laughed then looked between us – us with tears in our eyes – and her laughter turned to nervous laughter.  Hell, it was fun.  Oh, and the funniest part?  The new guy I have been going in circles with.  He wanted my attention but didn’t know how to get it without looking too needy.  It is funny how he doesn’t realize how much I notice.

Thursday: Crazy day at work.  I make comments about needing my 2×4.  My boss supports it.  Kind of a quiet day except for the links to several banned Merrie Melodie cartoons the Sadist sends me.  Then I have to sit there trying not to laugh my ass off as I played them.  I went home feeling off.  Like I was getting a cold.  Spicy pasta and relaxation is helping….I hope.

Friday – Ah…today is the day I work, go social with the kinky crowed, then off to the dungeon party at Kinkfest.  I have a scene scheduled with a fabulously kinky man.  And maybe another one after.  We shall see.

Saturday: Kinky classes including one where I’m going to learn about whips.  I cannot wait to be the bottom and the top for that one!  After a day of kinky learning, it will be to the dungeon party were there will be more kinky fun maybe with the Sadist as dressed as a clown.  I fully expect to be in trouble with that one.

Sunday: The day of rest.  I may go to the classes – but more than likely, I will be sleeping – and having beers with a beautiful Ms Lilli – I hope.

Gonna be a long week – but hopefully a good one.

I can’t wait for the vendor fair too!!

Happy Friday!!

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  1. The way you wrote this sentence – “The new guy I have been going in circles with. He wanted my attention but didn’t know how to get it without looking too needy. It is funny how he doesn’t realize how much I notice.”

    It made me smile because I remember how I was with you in the beginning…didn’t want to look needy. Just wanted to play with you a little but wasn’t sure what you thought. Remember how I was? 🙂

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