Ahh, Thursday…..

  • I have spent about 20hrs so far this week working on a project plan showing the upper management team if we will or won’t be able to go live with the software on the desired date.  So far, we are two weeks over schedule.  And I am getting way too proficient in MS Project.
  • In explaining my approach to another director, she explained “Finally! We’re going to fuck with the lights on so we all can see what we’re doing!!”  I love her.
  • The head of our team (think tall tree reporting organization) is a crazy person. I’m about ready to start medicating her by slipping it into her coffee.  Seriously.  She tossed us out of the office Friday after getting pissed at the approach we took. Then didn’t do what she said she would do.  Then, she didn’t show up to work on Monday so we had to do the work she banned us from doing Friday.  Yeah. 
  • I did make her eat crow though.  She was prepared to be pissed at me for not having time to manage my project (I spent 25hrs in HER meetings last week) – but I guess upper management has been gushing over me.  She sheepishly gave me that feedback yesterday.  I was gracious – and snickered inside at her discomfort.
  • I submitted 4 photographs to SEAF last weekend.  One of the judges commented on Twitter there were nearly 2000 pieces submitted. They have their work cut out for them.
  • Oh, and speaking of art, our artist for the show at the sex club in April is flaking on us.  He committed to deadlines 4months ago – then is flaking.
  • Next weekend is the big kink festival. I’m so excited about it.  Can’t wait.  My friend needs to make up some kinky dance cards, I think.
  • DJ has gotten yet another F on her progress report for reading.  We had a come-to-Jesus meeting with her.  So between that and a cattle prod – we are hoping to get her back on track.  The kid reads like a fiend, yet can’t write down what she read? Yeah.

So that’s the news from the rain.  Have a good Thursday!

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  1. Hubman says:

    25 hours in meetings? Holy shit.

    DJ sounds similar to DB- loves to read, hates to write. Let us know if you find something that works!

  2. Glad you shoved it down that woman’s throat. Hope you find out DB’s cause.

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