Week in Review

  • We have not launched the software to the company yet, but we spent the entire week planning phase 2 of the release.  We don’t even have a go-live date.  How much sense does this make? None at all.  On top of it, management does not know how they would like to look at the data, so they keep giving the PMs – the only people with real work outside of sitting in meetings – have had to keep moving and reformatting our data over and over again.  We ended with format 12, if I am recalling correctly.  Oh and I should mention – I have two projects to get through this process while everyone else has one.   Yeah, it’s fun.
  • Oh, and in the span of 60 minutes, my total project workload doubled.  For the time being anyway.  It’ll get better soon, but geesh…..and their response: you make overtime – you should like getting the extra hours.  
  • I like that Oregon seems to be getting spring weather – in February. My flowers are up, the flowering plum tree looks almost ready to bloom.  And it just has that spring feel in the air.  I’m ont complaining – but I’ve lived out here long enough to ask – is winter going to make one final appearance?
  • My allergies have been ever present this week.  That’ll teach me for doing a huge amount of cleaning, stirring up all the dust in the 100 year old house, and not take my allergy medicine until after the fact!
  • A restaurant near my place of work has a gnome themed art show on its walls right now.  The front of their restaurant is all glass, so I see it as I walk by each day.  There is a gnome holding a giant hot dog (not a euphemism).  I must have it for the kitchen.  Sadly, the place is always packed – and it seems odd for me to go in and ask who did the gnome with the hotdog.  Yeah, it would sound like that.  I’ll have to email the company that puts the shows together for them.
  • I MUST go through my photographs this weekend to find something to submit to SEAF.  I have a few ideas – but I need to do it now.  
  • A week ago, I was volunteering at a local kink even put on by a group of riggers who teach people how to tie.  I was told by a person who attends the classes as stunt bottom that I shouldn’t have been asked to volunteer because “you aren’t part of our group”.  Normally I can let things go  or let them roll off of me.  But this one, this one, has stuck in my head for some reason.  I think it’s because it exemplifies what is wrong with a portion of our little kink community – the portion that likes stirring shit up and drama.  They think this way.  I pointed out to this woman that I am asked to volunteer for the different events because I show up.  I don’t leave organizers in a lurch without a very good reason (like an emergency trip to see my mom a few months ago).  She didn’t believe that and kept pushing that only those in the community (which for her means this rope group) should be at this event or at least running the event.  “No offense.”  Like I said, this exclusionary attitude just sits poorly with me.  Especially when I know the group’s purpose is to include whoever is interesting in rope and learning about rope – and show them the right/safe way to do it.  
  • My brothers have shown their true form again.  I suggested to throw my mom a huge birthday party to celebrate her milestone birthday as well as celebrate the ever-growing light that is at the end of the dark tunnel of medical issues.  They both thought it was a fabulous idea.  My main reason for having it at a restaurant was to get her the fuck out of the house.  They thought it was great that is until they talked and decided it would be more cost effective to have it at the house – the house she has sat in for the past 4 months.  I received a lengthy email from them both outlining all the reasons why this is a better idea than what I had suggested.  Then the last line was “but nothing is cast in stone, so let us know what you think”.  Given their history over the past year, I don’t think there is anything I can say without being called selfish, thinking I’m better than they are, etc.  Been there, done that with them.  One of the major arguments for their plan was that mom is not comfortable leaving the house, so forcing her out would not be good for her. I decided to validate this argument given it contradicts what I’ve been hearing from the folks.  Talking to Dad, I learned Mom is driving again – leaving on her own, etc.  And his response was “I’m taking the woman out for her birthday – they can join us or not but she is NOT going to celebrate a birthday or anything else in that house for a while.”  Sounds like that message is going to be delivered loud and clear to my brothers.  My lesson: never include them in on an idea – just do it myself and inform.  Better to be a bitchy person who just does things on her own, than go through this bullshit.  
Happy Friday! 

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  1. What that woman said to you at the rope event was rude and way out of line. Frankly I’d suggest having a private conversation with the riggers and let them know. I mean, she’s a demo bottom….she should, IMO, be more inclusive or at least STFU. For the demo bottom to go around telling people they’re not welcome?? I doubt it would sit well with the organizers.

    Fuck her and her shitty attitude.

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