Motivational Monday

YES!  It is.  Don’t run. Face it. Don’t fear it. Embrace it.  And don’t believe it. Reject it.  Your head isn’t always a good place.  Remember to believe what you know versus what it tries to make you believe.

People forget that choices have consequences. The choice itself is free. But the consequences can be not-so-good. Be careful of what you choose. Look at the long view of it.  Look at what could happen if you go that direction – and act accordingly.

Rain sometimes feels better than the sun. Dance in it. Embrace it. Enjoy it.  Don’t reject it simply because it isn’t shiny and bright.

YES!! I don’t think commentary is needed.

Embrace the people who put it back in.  Don’t diminish what they do for you.  As they are the ones who are stronger – the ones who you need – more than those who take your heart and run.

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  1. #1 – I will show my older daughter that.

    #2 – totally in agreement with you!

    #3 – I’ve danced in the rain…and I still prefer the sunshine. 😉

    #4 – why leave a comment then? Hehehe

    #5 – that’s why I have faith in mankind.

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