Motivation to Read

“I noticed you are reading Sherlock Holmes,” he wrote, “so I must inquire if you are a Sherlockian.”

I had mentioned in something I wrote on Fetlife that I was reading Sherlock Holmes.  Little did I realize that one of the men I gave a New Year’s kiss to at a kinky party was going to jump all over a small reference I made to me reading Sherlock Holmes.

We had a few exchanges about Sherlock Holmes, and he wished me well.
I ran into him a few weeks later at a kink party.  We chatted a bit, and he asked how goes the reading. I quickly realized how I was dealing with a Sherlockian who has been one for a long LONG time.  Like for 30 years or more.  
He recommended some books for me to read – asked what I had read so far, etc.  It was a great discussion.  He ended the discussion with “when you get off your volunteer shift, and you’re in the mood – can I rough you up?”  Sadly, I had already made plans, so I politely declined.
We discussed play in the future – where he likes to play – and his history in the community.  I enjoyed the chat. I enjoyed learning more about him.  We hugged as I went off to do my job.  
A few days later, I got a message from him listing a few of the books he had suggested I read.  He signed it, “I hope we get a chance to scene in the future.”
I replied with my thanks for the list of books, and speculated that I suspected he was going to quiz me while beating me when we were scening.  This little comment has led to a whole new negotiation for the upcoming kink convention.  A scene which I think we are both giddy about.  
I rarely like to role play, but I suspect there will be quizes and punishments involved.  He seemed to like the idea.  And, strangely, I like the idea.  Sounds fun.  Sounds like it would definitely be a giggle.  
Guess I need to find a school girl skirt to go along with this scene.
And I need to get serious about reading Sherlock Holmes.  
I can’t miss all of the questions on his quiz.

What do you think?

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