Brain Dump

  • I mentioned the other day that I got a message from someone in the kink community that made me cry.  His message to me about his own mother were the right words at the right time.  It’s funny because when he sent it, I happened to be awake. As I read the words – read his feelings as he was going through it himself – the tears streamed down my face.  It was exactly as I had felt.  As I responded to him, they were the right words that found me at the right time.  Funny how a sadistic kinkster made that happened. Okay, not really, I guess.
  • I’m trying to decide at what point, I point out, at work, that my go-live plan was actually on-target and their revised plan was a piece of shit.  I think today is a good day.  The plan I put together had a go-live date of Feb 13.  They wanted it a full week ahead of time.  Ironically, it will be completed on Feb 13.  Oh, sweet irony.  
  • Mom sounded good when I talked to her last night.  Granted, I know that sounding good versus being good are two different things.  I imagined her, as she spoke to me, rocking back and forth as she does when she hurts.  And knowing her, she was.  I want them to get this sorted out so she can get better.  At this point, we’re going down to see them in less than a month.  She will be up here in another 10 days.  Must make sure she sees her grandkids this time – and stays out of the fucking ER.  
  • My cat killed two mice the other night.  I wondered why she was so tired until I found the tiny corpses upstairs.  She didn’t even play with them and hide the bodies as she normally does.  Old age must be catching up with her.
  • DJ has decided she wants to do that run in about 6 weeks with me.  Guess I know what we will be starting this weekend – training.  My mom’s comment when I mentioned it to here: you won’t be able to keep up with the long-legged gazelle.  Sadly, she may be right.
  • There are certain things I don’t have energy for these days. It’s funny to see people’s reactions to them. Either they are just ignoring me – or they are reaching out.  There seems to be no in between. I hate situations that cause one to see the truth. Disappoints me, to be honest.
  • I accidentally solicited the wrong person last weekend. In my frenzy of text messaging and tweeting as I was working the weekend, I sent a tweet to a guy I’ve been texting with.  Needless to say, he liked the offer that wasn’t meant to be one.  When G asked me what I was going to do, I said “well, I’ll do anyone once.”  I’m not appalled by the idea – but it wasn’t to that point yet.  
  • I’m sick of babysitting people at work.  I really am.  For as many senior level people that work for me on my projects, the fact I have to hold their hand and drag their ass to where they are supposed to me is annoying, to say the least.  I seriously am to a point where I want to smack people with a 2×4. I think my boss would love that, really.  She would like someone other than her pointing this out. I’m with her.
  • My kids are like me – can break anything that is wet.  They have broken most of our glasses now.  My mom, until I moved out, switched to plastic everything because I would break things while doing dishes.  After I left home, she replaced everything with glass – only to have me break several glasses while visiting and “helping”.  Yeah, the kids caught my bad luck.  Who knew that would be genetic.
  • The yellow lab is shedding – in February. I brushed him the other day – and DJ announced there was enough fur for a litter of puppies.  Yep.
  • Speaking of puppies, I’m glad I’m no where near my husband’s aunt.  She runs an animal rescue organization that I follow on Facebook.  I see at least a dog a week that would adopt in a second if I was closer to her.  And the litter of chubby pit bull puppies… fucking cute.  Yeah, it’s good that I’m where I am.
  • I’m reading Sherlock Holmes right now and wondering why I haven’t been able to read it until now.  Seriously, I’m finding it beyond entertaining. Yet, each time I’ve tried to read it in the past, it has driven me nuts – in a bad way.  Right now, I’m having good fun with it. Funny how that can happen with books.
  • And, this is how I’m feeling:
  • I can only hope that things start refilling me. I need it.
    And lately, just tell people to do this today:
    Happy Wednesday!

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  1. I’m with you on the puppy thing. Every dog in need of a home that I see I want to take in.

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