A Much Needed Vent

I have had a long fucking week.  So, this photo is appropriate.  This photo is dedicated to the following people:

1. The husband of my friend who flat out lied to me about their arrangement – allowing me to think that sexual contact was in bounds.  He told her that he lied to me but in a different manner than he did.  I flat out asked – he flat out lied ….. repeatedly.  Fucker.

2. To a friend of mine who said that they were the one person who would never leave if I drew boundaries. I drew a boundary – and silence has followed.  Thanks for showing me your words have no meaning.

3. To the drama bunnies who keep pulling me into their shit.  Look – I live my life with all my cards on the table, face up.  I don’t hide anything including my feelings or what is going on.  Nice try. But I think those who know me, know I am the last person you would claim is bringing drama.  Nice try.

4. To those people playing political games at work.  If we spent half the time you play games on actually working on the real issues, we would not be 2-3 months behind schedule.  Oh, and how’s that go-live going with that software? Was it last Friday (3-Feb) or will it be the 13th like I said it would be? Yeah, the 13th. Thanks for making your little political show at my expense.  Don’t worry, I’ve made note.  Good luck in the future.

5. To the doctor that keeps prescribing the medicine to my mom that sends her into a tail spin.  You have put her on these meds 4 times.  She spends most of the cycle in the ER getting rehydrated after she starts passing out.  Thanks for realizing there is a correlation.  Glad the astute nurse realized it and got the doc to notice it too.  Can we keep her out of the ER for more than 6 days in a row?

6. And to the keg who blows at the most inopportune moment.  Don’t you know when I really need a drink that I want you to be there for me?  Geesh – go refill your fucking self.

7, To the idiot boy at the club last night who likely got his ass thrown out again.  The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.  You deserve to find your ass on the street….again.  Dumb ass.

8. To the woman I work with who likes to lie….a lot.  You have woven a tangled web for yourself.  Please forgive me in advance for pointing and laughing when you finally find yourself caught in in – because I’m done helping you.  Just sayin’.

9. To the overly opinionated BDSM community members who can’t let shit go.  Showing up at a munch, putting a sign on the table re-instigating the drama that died two weeks ago – will not win you supporter.  Thanks for making a fun night one of tension.

10. To the cat who keeps barfing all over the house.  Thanks. I love almost stepping in it when I’m walking through the house in the dark. But, what I really love? When you do it on the fucking bed….while I’m sleeping.

Ok – I’m done.

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  1. Do you feel better?


    You need a vacation.

    My dog slid off the bed last night and puked on the floor. I was thankful he got off the bed first. The husband was not thankful I made him clean up the mess. *sigh*

  2. OsShirt says:

    Whew! (at least I don’t think I recognized myself in there anywhere…)

  3. John and Ann says:

    Sometimes a good rant help!

  4. sending some positive thoughts your way. hopefully this week is better.

  5. boneman says:

    Communication skills in cats are minimal, at best.
    He’s just saying he needs that cat hairball medicine (otc) at the pet store. Don’t go cheap and the cat will eat the pea sized piece a day easily.
    Now..friends with signs on tables?
    Same deal. Get them some catfurball medicine (it’s ok to get the medium priced stuff) and put a pea sized lump in front of them and make them eat it. After about a week (everyday, now) they’ll be feeling FREE as the WIND.
    As for thhe liars…
    THAT’s a tough one.
    I think…
    Catfurball medicine. Don’t even bother with the flavored crap. Get the most wretched, foul smelling stuff available, and put on rubber gloves and dig out a pea sized lump of it, and they’ll go running, screaming from the house.

    Ma went to the doctor’s once and complained about not sleeping.
    He gave her sleeping pills.
    Didn’t work, so, she went back, he gave her a stronger prescription.
    Didn’t work.
    She went back several times. Kept complaining
    I finally went over when she complained at me about him. Took her to the VA and she had cancer in her sinuses.
    I went to her med cabinet and there were gorilla bicuits, Qualudes, Seconal, Darvon, beaucoup…
    I gave the doctor some catfurball medicine, and that was the last time we saw him.

  6. There is just no good place for puke, drama, hypocrites, drama, liars and stupid people.

  7. Just me... says:

    Oh, darling friend… I hope today was better than anticipated!!!!

  8. Just me... says:

    Oh, darling friend… I hope today was better than anticipated!!!!

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