Laying on my back, I had my arm over my face as to not watch him as he flogged my thighs and breasts. I knew watching him would cause me to start anticipating the strike – reacting before he hit me. While that always makes me giggle and wiggle, I was trying not to do it.  I was trying to just ride the waves of impact and pleasure and all.

He stopped the flogging and bent down to grab something new from his bag.

“Look at me” was what he whispered into my ear, “open your eyes. Don’t close them.”

It wasn’t a request; it was a command.

My eyes opened and found his intense gaze staring right into my eyes.  I felt what he had grabbed touch my nipple.  I could tell by the way it caressed it that he had picked a crop.  He stroked the leather tip over and around my nipple making it grow even more taut than I thought it could be.  I felt it leave my nippled, then it found it’s target with a slap.

I tipped my head back as I moaned, never letting my eyes leave his.

He repeated the same process with the other nipple. Ending it by striking the nipple causing me to fight against my normal reaction.

He worked over my nipples – knowing I would fight to leave his gaze – to pull back into myself as I dealt with the pain and pleasure he was giving me.

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