Motivational Monday

Amen! Do not make things more complicated than they should be.  

Listen to someone’s words.  Listen to the emotion in which they are saying it.  Are they struggling to sort out what is going on in their head?  If so, listen with patience and kindness – not frustration and a need to be right.  Right is sometimes wrong in certain situations.

Too many people play a game of “not it”.  It’s a fun game to turn the tables and ask them to not pass the buck to someone else, but say specifically who should do it.  It’s too easy to blame and toss things over the wall to someone else.  It’s harder to actually think about who should.

I love this photo. The quote is great too.  Whatever gives you confidence in yourself, whether it be shoes, a hat, a dress, a jacket – it’s that confidence that can make you conquer the world as you project it and people respect it.

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  1. Then my girls are wearing the right shoes. Sometimes my own size 13 shoes as well. 😉

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