The three of us were in bed having had a fun time giggling and touching before this moment.  She was bold in her exploration of my body – biting, licking and sucking – trying out new things to see what reaction she could get.

We had made her cum a few times before this last time.  We had collapsed into giggles and pile of bodies several times.  This final time, he wrapped his arm around her and focused on giving her a final moment of pleasure.

I could see the look on his face even in the dark.  The intensity as he watched her face had me sit back a bit, watching to see how this played out.  I could feel their connection – I could see he was taking her to a place I could not join them in.

He touched her expertly.  He read her body.  He could tell when to speed up and slow down based on her response.

I touched a nipple and stroked her body, but mainly watched.  The two of them were in the midst of a dance, and I could not interfere.  Instead I could only watch and admire it.

When she started to cum, I knew this was going to be the final orgasm for the night.  The tension in her body was tightening with each breath.  I knew that the release of that tension would be huge.  And when he sent her over the edge, her orgasm shook her.  A hand flew to her mouth to keep her from screaming loudly, awakening the house.

And the minute the orgasm was over, he covered her body with his.  He wrapped his arms around her, holding her through each aftershock that rocked her body.  And they did rock it – her body continued to tremble even after it was over.  And he held her, and kissed her – and gave her the security she needed as she came down.

They both reached for me and pulled me close.  Together we all held each other.  He and I held her through the trembling.  And she held onto us like we were her life raft – keeping her from floating away.

I was in awe of the moment.  I enjoyed watching the love and attention my husband gave her as he made her fly – without rope – but with pleasure.

It made me smile seeing it happen.  I felt honored I could be there for it – to see it – and experience it.

And to be an anchor for her.

It is funny to find that pleasure in that moment – a moment that I was not really a part of – but one I am happy to bear witness.

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