Week in Review

What a crazy week!

While I was away from the office last week, I got a call from my boss asking if I had any interest in taking over the integration project. That PM had accepted a project to oversee a huge project with many project managers.  They had been looking for her replacement when someone wondered if I would be interesting.  YES – oh GOD yes.  I’m bored to fucking death.  Please give me too much work.

I started transitioning to this project this week.  One day, my meetingless day turned into solid meetings.  It was quite amazing.

And the more I learned, the more my little geek heart sang.  This was totally up my alley – and I was geeky enough to know the technical pieces – so much so that the current PM announced I was more fit for this project than she was.

I have decided that when people are stressed – that people stop thinking and start freaking.  I spent an hour talking a PM off the ledge.  And the entire time was spent talking in circles.  I was about ready to go find a wall and beat my head against it.  It would have been less painful – and that is a comment from a masochist.

Oh, but let me back up.  I got back over the weekend – and got a call from a friend Sunday saying “I need you!”  She had helped a friend set up a photo shoot in a newish dungeon when the models never showed up.  “Come model for the photographers! We have rope.”

I agreed.  Why not was my thought.  So I got tied up and partially suspended and all.  Good, fun stuff.  Weird but fun.

Here is one of them:

Wednesday was a fun night.  The weekly munch gathering down the street from work.  Great people. Great conversations. Great time.  New faces attended – including Lili which was lots of fun as we giggled at some of the people coming by. “Are you two together?” one guy asked.  Without a beat, we wrapped our arms around each other and said “yes.”  His reaction was hilarious.

Everyone was leaving when I ended up behind The Sadist.  I started poking at him – returning the favor as he had done that to me earlier in the night.  He turned around to find out who was doing it, saw it was me, gave me a huge bear hug, then gave me a nice kiss.  He and I play and flirt in public. I’ve gotten lots of hugs and some kisses on the forehead from him as he’s holding me after a public play session. But that’s it.  To get that kiss from him surprised me.  We wrapped his arms around me, pulled me back into a hug, and started telling me he expected me to be at his upcoming party.  It’s funny because we have flirted, and we flip each other shit all the time.  To have this be a reaction was a pleasant surprise.  Could be interesting.

And it looks like I have an “epic” party to attend for New Year’s Eve.

Makes me squirmy just thinking about it.

Then Thursday night was the holiday concert for DJ and her middle school bandmates.  DJ has picked up the flute.  We have the lips and mouth shape for it.  Thanks Mom.  My mom was a flutist.  DJ rocked.  She was hoping they would let her wear jeans to the concert.  Nope, she wore a skirt.  And a black bra under a white blouse.  Guess I need to teach her not to do that.  But, she did declare that if she had to wear a skirt, that she was going to wear her combat boots. Correction, my combat boots. So she did.  As did two other friends.  Love it.

Oh, and her boy-friend also plays the flute. They sit next to each other.  G scowled at him.  I laughed at G and DJ. Then all the way home, I got to hear stories about him.  He said this. He did that.  Yeah, she doesn’t have a crush at all.

So that has been my crazy week.  May you have a great Friday and an even greater, more relaxing weekend!


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  1. OsShirt says:

    Be wary of boys that play flute. They always have ulterior motives…

    I’d forgotten that you’d chopped off your hair. I guess I didn’t realize it was THAT much!

  2. So fucking glad that things are looking up for you. 🙂

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