Video Tape

I’ve been writing blurbs in a journal lately, here are some of my random writings. I’ll share the entries periodically.  They are a bit different than my normal style, but I’m liking it.


The video tape in my mind starts playing sometimes….
…..when I least expect it.

The giggles and all play through it….
…..beers at the bar
… ride
…..walks from the bar or dinner, hand in hand.

The good plays through my mind, and I smile.

I feel blessed.

I feel happy to have those memories,
….on tape
….in my mind.

Then the other shit plays.

The looks.

The hurt.

The tears.

The discussions where we both are trying hard to communicate while at the same time we refuse to listen to the other.

I want to rip those out of my memory reel.

I want to burn them.

I want them gone.

‘Cause while it’s easy to agree to start again….
…..these memorie can make it hard.

So I do my best to rewind to these parts….
…..and record the new memories over them.

What do you think?

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